Welding & Soldering Tool Reviews & Buying Guides

Welding and soldering may not be very similar in terms of application, but both require excellent tools, accessories, and safety gear to let you do those tasks effectively. Welding solutions have grown in both capability and ease-of-use. Many systems now offer digital controls and automated wire feeds. This lets entry-level users achieve better results, shaving a lot of time off that learning curve. Where welding used to involve stick-only solutions, MIG and TIG welding have grown in popularity along with multifunction units driving sales. Additionally, plasma cutters offer new solutions for accurately and quickly cutting through thick steel with less mess than you get with saws. Soldering solutions haven’t changed much throughout the years, but newer products offer battery-powered solutions and faster time-to-temp. Put it all together and the latest welding and soldering products let welders, metalworkers, mechanics, technicians, and others work more efficiently and effectively. We try to address the tips and tricks and helpful how-tos to get you started or expand your knowledge of the craft.