Millermatic 355 MIG and Pulsed MIG Welder

The Millermatic 355 is Miller’s Next Generation MIG Welder

Miller designed the Millermatic 355 MIG welder with some additional power capabilities over the highly regarded Millermatic 255. Is the premium price worth the additional material, voltage, and current options?

Millermatic 355 MIG Welder – The Big Deal

Miller designed the Millermatic 355 MIG Welder for fabricators and manufacturers who want to focus on MIG and pulsed MIG welding for a variety of materials. In fact, similar to other Millermatic machines, this model doesn’t support stick or TIG welding (look to the Multimatic models for that). Instead, it focuses on MIG and pulsed MIG welding for mild and stainless steel as thin as 22-gauge. It also tackles aluminum as thin as 18-gauge—and can do up to 1/2-inch in both aluminum and steel.

Miller pulsed MIG welder side open spool

The advantages of using pulsed MIG over standard MIG welding include the possibility of getting better results on metals like stainless steel due to reduced heat input. It also causes less distortion and burn-through on thinner metals and reduced spatter on all materials.

Miller lets you operate the Millermatic 355 MIG Welder using either single-phase or three-phase AC power. This obviously gives you some flexibility when you need to use it in different locations. Additionally, it has an amperage output ranging from 25A to 400A. The 60% duty cycle is listed as 29.5V at 310A.

Additional Features

  • 7-inch LCD display interface that displays settings
  • Save and recall up to four frequently used weld processes
  • Select saved programs at the weld joint using trigger control
  • Industrial four-drive-roll wire-feed system
  • Enclosed wire feeder
  • Compatible with push-pull guns
Millermatic 355 LCD display

Millermatic 355 vs 255 Quick Comparison

Just in case you were on the fence, we thought a brief, abridged comparison between the capable Millermatic 255 and 355 might help you understand the differences.

Millermatic 355Millermatic 255
Input Power208/240/460/575V
1- and 3-phase
1 phase
ProcessesMIG/Pulsed MIGMIG/Pulsed MIG
Max Material Thickness1/2-in alum/mild steel1/2-in alum/mild steel
Min Steel Thickness22 ga.24 ga.
Electronic Parameter ChartYesNo
Amperage25A – 400A20A – 350A
Weight99 lbs84 lbs
Generator19,000 watts12,000 watts
Display7-in color LCD7-in color LCD

Millermatic 355 Price

You have the option to buy the machine only, which includes various attachments and accessories, for $6,855 (model 907808). There’s also the 951926 model, which comes with the EZ-Latch running gear, which costs $7,305. Both are protected by a 3-year limited warranty.


  • Model: Miller 907808
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 26.25 x 13.75 x 19.25 in.
  • Weight: 99 lbs
  • Input voltage: 208/220/230/240/460/575V
  • Input phase: 1- and 3-phase
  • Max open circuit voltage: 90 VDC
  • Wire spool size: Up to 12 in

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