Weller Soldering Iron Kit with LED Halo

Weller Soldering Iron Kit with LED Halo

Weller 30-Watt Soldering Iron Kit Gives Hobbyists And DIYers Versatility

Soldering irons can help electricians, hobbyists, and others with a variety of tasks, like repairing small electrical components or wires. Weller is one of the leaders in the soldering industry, and the Weller soldering iron kit with LED Halo now targets higher visibility.

Weller Soldering Iron Kit with LED Halo: The Big Deal

This soldering iron features an LED halo light on the handle that provides 360° illumination while you work on your projects. It gives you focused, bright light to ensure you have the best lighting for high-quality solder joints. While you can often solder on a benchtop, the additional light makes working on installed components in low-light areas much easier.

Additionally, the tool’s ergonomic pencil grip handle design makes it easy to use in precision applications.

One of the sides bordering the LED halo light is flat, giving you an integrated safety rest that holds the iron when you’re not using it. The handle also features a heat deflector, so it stays cool to the touch while you work.

Weller Soldering Iron Kit with LED Halo

Additional Features

  • Six-second heat up
  • Provides continuous, non-stop soldering

Editor’s Note

Adding 360° light is huge, especially for electricians and techs in the field who can’t always work in ideal conditions. Rather than positioning a work light just right or relying on a headlamp, the soldering iron itself puts light where you need it at an intensity level that’s not going to blind you.

Kenny Koehler, Pro Tool Reviews’ Managing Editor

Weller Soldering Iron Kit with LED Halo Price

There are three ways to get the LED Halo function. The 30-watt soldering iron kit retails for $22.98 at The Home Depot, and it includes the iron, conical, screwdriver, and chisel tips, plus a small coil of solder.

There’s also a 60-watt version available for $32.98 that includes the same accessories as the 30-watt version and adds a soldering aid.

Finally, an 80-watt version runs $35.97 with the screwdriver and chisel tips (no conical tip), the soldering aid, and solder.

Weller offers a 1-year warranty with your purchase.

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