Harley-Davidson Craftsman Toolboxes

Craftsman Harley 3-drawer Portable Chest

What’s Cooler than Harley-Davidson Craftsman Toolboxes? Nothing. Harley Davidson mixing with Craftsman tools? Somewhere a budding mechanic just felt a shiver of excitement creep up his spine. Existing tradesmen are unlikely to run out and buy the new toolboxes and roller cases, but one thing is for sure: your Craftsman Bolt-on 20V Max drill will look good in an Orange and Black tool chest. These new co-branded, special-edition toolboxes are available online and at Sears stores and collaboratively unite the two companies for the first time we’re aware of. As part of the deal, Craftsman also gets to be the official hand and power tool sponsor of the Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary Celebration.

Harley-Davidson Craftsman Toolboxes Features

The two companies actually seem to go together well, so the new toolboxes are something that’s fun to see come to market—though it will likely be short-lived as most special-edition products are. All of the new tool storage products feature a black frame, official Harley-Davidson “vintage orange” drawer fronts and official Harley-Davidson decaling, including the Harley-Davidson bar and shield. It’s certainly an aesthetic step up from what I’ve seen currently in several of my friends’ garages: namely standard Craftsman toolboxes with aftermarket Harley stickers on the lid. There are several models, including:

  • 3-Drawer Portable Tool Storage Chest (#38081):  This chest features three full-extension drawers with drawer liners to help organize and protect tools and two heavy-duty drawbolt latches to secure items while in motion. On the top is a comfort-grip handle for carrying. The drawers also lock automatically when the lid is closed (as you’d probably expect) so that you don’t lose your tools when you move the toolbox around. You can padlock it for safety and the entire chest is made of steel so it should last a good long time.
    Price: $59.99
  • 9-Drawer Heavy-Duty Combo (#37963/#37964):  This is a combination system featuring a five-drawer top chest and a four-drawer rolling cabinet. Both pieces are made with all-steel construction and feature Craftsman’s new smooth DynaGlide ball bearing drawer system. Each drawer holds up to 75 lbs. The bottom rolling cabinet features Craftsman’s I-Frame construction, so it’s durable and on the bottom are stylized 4.5 in. X 1.5 in. casters. Together, the two units will carry up to 650 lbs. of tools.
    Price: $699.98
  • Coming Soon: 18-Drawer Heavy-Duty Combo (#38708/#38709): This is the behemoth model designed to carry even the largest tool collections.  The system encompasses a 40-inch wide two-tier system with a 7-drawer top chest and 11-drawer rolling cabinet. Both utilize Craftsman’s DynaGlide ball bearing drawer system. Now this system still maxes out at 75 lbs. per drawer, there’s just more of them to fill up with all your tools. The bottom rolling cabinet also uses Craftsman’s I-Frame construction and the casters are upgraded to stylized 5 in. x 2 in. models. Together, the 18-drawer system will hold 1,000 lbs. of your best tools.
    Price: $1,399.98

Around mid-summer, Craftsman says it will launch additional Harley-Davidson-branded products and those will be made available exclusively at Harley-Davidson dealers across the country. These products will be limited to an assortment of three, four and five-drawer products and will feature an all-black design with official Harley-Davidson “Dark Custom” decaling. The load rating on these systems is expected to be around 1,000 lbs. for the combo chests.

Craftsman/Harley-Davidson 9-drawer tool chest

You can get more information about the Craftsman / Harley-Davidson products at Craftsman.com.

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