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Crescent Aviation Snips Expand HVAC Line

Crescent Wiss M1P Aviation Snips Feature

Upgraded Crescent Aviation Snips Give HVAC Pros More Options

Crescent has upgraded the line of tradesman aviation snips with new handle colors and a black oxide coating. They claim these black oxide-coated compound Crescent aviation snips will deliver over half a million cuts. That’s enough to complete over 700 residential HVAC installs.

Crescent Aviation Snips: The Big Deal

The biggest upgrade that we can tell with the snips revolves around the tool handle material and color. The handles use a more aggressive design that still looks comfortable. The presence of black also reduces the colors to an accent design—leaving less to get dirty.

Crescent also uses a black oxide coating on the similar M3X series compound snips. Black oxide tends to improve the lifespan of a tool by decreasing rust and corrosion.

Compound Aviation Snips with Serrated Blades

The Crescent Aviation Snips continue to feature a free float design on the pivot bolt to provide longer tool life. Crescent puts blade serrations into the snips. Those help to hold the work material in place while spreading the cut force uniformly across the blade edge. Crescent claims that these blades extend the overall lifespan of the tool while also improving the actual cut quality.

According to the brand, this design also prevents tears at the end of your cuts by controlling the blade bypass, minimizing both folding and burrs.

Additional Features

  • Cuts up to 18 gauge low carbon rolled steel
  • Spring-action handle for an easier feed
  • Handles have built-in stops, providing consistent operation and blade opening
  • Single-handed latch operation for left or right-handed use
  • Ergonomic, two shot material non-slip handle grips
  • Built-in hang hole for convenient storage


You can find the Crescent Aviation Snips at any place where Crescent Wiss tools are sold. We found the line at Acme Tools, available for pre-order now; they’re expected to become available in August. All of the snips come with a Limited Lifetime warranty. Below is a list of the entire line of snips, along with prices you can expect at checkout.

Crescent Black Oxide Aviation Snips Lineup

  • M1P 9-3/4″ Compound Action Straight and Left Aviation Snips – $16.99
  • M2P 9-3/4″ Compound Action Straight and Right Cut Aviation Snips – $16.99
  • M3P 9-3/4″ Compound Action Straight, Left and Right Cut Snips – $16.99
  • M6P 9-1/4″ Offset Straight and Left Cut Aviation Snips – $19.99
  • M7P 9-1/4″ Offset Straight and Right Cut Aviation Snips – $19.99
  • M8P 9-4/5″ Offset Straight, Left and Right Cut Aviation Snips – $19.99

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