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Crescent Wiss Tradesman Shears

Crescent Wiss Tradesman Shears

Crescent Wiss Tradesman Shears Put Scissors to Shame

Your standard, run-of-the-mill scissors might not have the chops to cut it in the trades. Yes, we used a bad pun. That’s why Crescent offers the Wiss Shears, made to stand up to the rigors of professional applications.

10-Second Summary

Crescent Wiss Tradesman Shear lineup includes:

  • CW5T Electrician/Data Scissors
  • CW7T Utility Shear
  • CW812S All-Purpose Scissors
  • CW10T Professional Shear
  • CW10TL Left-Handed Professional Shear
  • CW10TM Trademan Shear
  • CW11TM Spring-Loaded Tradesman Shear
  • Price Range: $6.99 to $14.99

Scissors Don’t Quite Cut It

Pros complain that scissors aren’t powerful, durable, or comfortable. We took on the challenge to redefine what scissors and shears can do on the job site, and the result is a lineup that truly is a cut above.

Noah Steen, Product Manager

Crescent Wiss Shears Lineup

What makes the Crescent Wiss Tradesman Shears so special? First, Crescent tells us that these shears feature the best force-to-cut ratio in the market. Next, heavy-duty precision-cut blades make quick work of even tougher job site materials. Finally, Crescent has designed these shears with superior ergonomics, improving user comfort. When your job has you slicing through vinyl siding or similarly tough materials all day long, having a nice pair of shears can really help.

Crescent Wiss Tradesman Shears

The Crescent Wiss Tradesman Shears lineup includes:

  • CW5T Electrician/Data Scissors: These feature integrated wire strippers, cable cutters, and a serrated outer edge for reaming knockouts and conduit.
  • CW7T Utility Shear: These shears feature a 7.5″ compact design, a quick-release latch, and a serrated bottom blade for better cut control.
  • CW812S All-Purpose Scissors: These scissors come with precision blades and ambidextrous handle design.
  • CW10T Professional Shear: These shears have a comfort grip handle and feature titanium-coated blades.
  • CW10TL Left-Handed Professional Shear: Finally, a shear for lefties.
  • CW10TM Trademan Shear: With a full-metal body, titanium-coated blades, and a serrated bottom blade, the Tradesman Shear offers better durability and 10x the cutting power of standard shears.
  • CW11TM Spring-Loaded Tradesman Shear: A full-metal body increases the durability while a quick-release latch allows for smooth usage.

Prices range between $6.99 to $14.99. For more information about the Tradesman Shears, visit the Crescent website.

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