Cub Cadet Essence De Lawn

Cub Cadet Essence De Lawn

Cub Cadet let you take care of date night and also your affinity for the fresh-cut grass smell you’ve been missing this winter. The Cub Cadet Essence de Lawn giveaway contest ran in February of 2022. Unfortunately, you can no longer acquire this unusual product! Use it before going to dinner…or mowing the lawn with your Cub Cadet electric riding lawn mower.

Cub Cadet Essence de Lawn Prize Pack

Essence de Lawn features three scented products designed to fill the space you’re in with the smell of summer. No, not barbecue ribs—fresh-cut grass!

If you were one of the 50 lucky winners, you received a prize package. It included a therapeutic aroma mist spray, candle, and reed diffuser. Each one is infused with fresh-cut grass extract. It really does smell like grass along with some subtle complimentary scents that my nose isn’t refined enough to identify. But the grass is totally there and the scent hangs around as well as any other aromatherapy mists, candles, or diffusers.

We used each of these products around our office and it’s very pleasant if you like earthy aromas. It makes me want to lay back in my hammock with a big glass of sweet tea. Even if you’re not into aromatherapy, there’s no question your friends will be lining up just to take a whiff.

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