DeWalt DCH416 60V Max FlexVolt 1 1/4-Inch SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer

DeWalt DCH416 60V Max FlexVolt 1 1/4-Inch SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer

DeWalt DCH416 60V Max FlexVolt Rotary Hammer Opens Up 1 1/4-Inch Class

DeWalt is expanding its FlexVolt rotary hammer portfolio with the DeWalt DCH416, a 1 1/4-inch SDS-Plus model. As the least powerful of the 60V Max line, why is it worth your consideration? We got our hands on one to find out.

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DeWalt DCH416 SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Performance

Power And Class

Interestingly, this is the only 1 1/4-inch rotary hammer in DeWalt’s portfolio, even among its corded units. There are plenty of 1 1/8-inch models on the 20V Max platform and several FlexVolt ones that extend the range up to 2 inches.

DeWalt DCH416 60V Max FlexVolt 1 1/4-Inch SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer

As the least powerful of the 60V Max platform, this DeWalt FlexVolt SDS-Plus rotary hammer cranks out a maximum 4.5 Joules of impact energy, or 3.3 ft-lbs if that’s the measurement you prefer. With its variable speed trigger, it can produce between 0-725 RPM and 0-4200 BPM.

As you likely guessed from the name, this rotary hammer handles up to a 1 1/4-inch SDS-Plus bit. Its best performance is with 5/8-inch to 1 1/8-inch bits.

In terms of performance, it has some competition from other cordless 1 1/8-inch models from other brands that top it in both impact energy and speed. It’s also a little lower in impact energy and speed than corded 1 1/4-inch models from other brands.

Anti-Kickback Protection

The tool features an E-clutch to protect you from sudden bit bind-ups. Rather than wrenching your arm out of its socket, the clutch kicks in and slips the gear as an anti-kickback mechanism. It’s a feature you’ll really appreciate when you encounter the need for it and one that we prefer on rotary hammers.

E-Clutch indicator

Vibration Control

As with many other high-power rotary hammers, the FlexVolt DCH416 has vibration dampening technology built into the rear D-handle. It incorporates a mechanical cushion that keeps the handle independent from the body of the tool. The adjustable foregrip also has some flex which provides your hands with a little isolation from the percussive vibrations.

When it comes to ratings, DeWalt measures the vibration at 6 3/10 M/S².

Isolated handle

3 + 1 Modes

The standard three modes of operation allow you to switch between drilling only, rotary hammer, and hammer only functions.

There’s no official angle adjust mode on the switch, but we were able to rotate bits with the dial indicator pointing down and lock them in when switching over to any of the other three modes.

Mode selection

DeWalt DCH416 SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Design Notes

Size And Weight

The DeWalt 60V Flexvolt rotary hammer sits in the middle of the pack between models such as DeWalt’s 12V Max Xtreme and their big 2-inch SDS-Max. It weighs 9.06 pounds as a bare tool and jumps to 12.25 pounds when using a 3.0/9.0Ah FlexVolt battery.

It’s 20 inches from tip to tail and stands 10 inches tall so it fits comfortably in the mid-size category.

DeWalt DCH416 60V Max FlexVolt 1 1/4-Inch SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer

Size and weight are two of the main reasons this rotary hammer exists. It’s 3 pounds lighter than the next closest FlexVolt model and that makes a huge difference.


In terms of the physical design’s ergonomics, I’m not sure how much more I can ask for. The vibration and kickback controls work the way they should so we didn’t feel like we have to fight the tool as much to get the work done.

DeWalt DCH416 60V Max FlexVolt 1 1/4-Inch SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer

The rear handle is very comfortable and matches well with the natural contours of my hands—a common theme among DeWalt tools.

The foregrip rotates 360° around the chuck, although you need to be mindful of the depth rod’s position when you’re using it.

Overall, this rotary hammer is very easy to maneuver and control, making it a great “all-day” option for Pros.

Depth Rod

When you need to control your drilling depth, there’s a tool-free adjustable depth rod integrated into the foregrip. The spring-loaded depth adjustment button eliminates any of the loosening issues that knob-based systems can have.

Depth Rod

OSHA Compliance

An easy way to ensure you’re OSHA-compliant when you’re using this rotary hammer is to pair it with the DWH200D shroud and DCV585 dust extractor. It’s a conveniently portable cordless system that’s easy to use when you’re covering a lot of ground while offering higher capacity than the DWH161.

DeWalt DCH416 60V Max FlexVolt 1 1/4-Inch SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer

Additional Features

  • Part of the Perform & Protect line
  • Tool Connect Tag-ready
  • Compatible with all SDS-Plus accessories

DeWalt FlexVolt 60V Max Rotary Hammer Quick Comparison

Impact EnergyTop SpeedBare Weight
DCH416 (1 1/4-in)4.5J725 RPM/4200 BPM9 lbs
DCH481 (1 9/16-in)6.1J540 RPM/3150 BPM12 lbs
DCH614 (1 3/4-in)10.5J380 RPM/2900 BPM15 lbs
DCH733 (1 7/8-in)13.3J355 RPM/2705 BPM20 lbs
DCH735 (1 7/8-in)13.3J355 RPM/2705 BPM20 lbs
DCH775 (2-in)19.4J 290 RPM/2210 BPM21 lbs

DeWalt DCH416 SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Price

This DeWalt 60V FlexVolt rotary hammer is a Pro-level tool and thus carries a Pro-level price tag. The kit goes for $749 and comes with two FlexVolt 3.0/9.0Ah batteries, a charger, and a hardshell storage case. If you don’t need the batteries, the bare tool goes for $499.

DeWalt’s warranty lasts for 3 years along with a 2-year free service contract and 90-day money-back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

The DeWalt DCH416 stands alone as the sole cordless 1 1/4-inch SDS-Plus rotary hammer currently available. It’s ideal for medium-duty industrial applications like steel beam anchorage and strut mounting. While it’s not quite as strong as some of its competition, it’s a more compact and lighter FlexVolt rotary hammer with vibration control and kickback features that put it high on our list.

To explore the full DeWalt FlexVolt 60V Max lineup, click here.

DeWalt DCH416 SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Specifications

  • Model: DeWalt DCH416
  • Power Source: DeWalt 60V Max FlexVolt battery
  • Weight: 9.06 lbs (bare), 12.25 lbs (with 9Ah 20V/60V FlexVolt Battery)
  • Impact Energy: 4.5 Joules
  • Chuck Design: Keyless
  • Max Bit Size: 1-1/4 in.
  • Motor Type: 60V Brushless
  • Tool Connect Compatible
  • Wireless Tool Control Enabled
  • Price: $499 (bare tool), $749 (kit)

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