DeWalt Perform Protect Dust and Vibration Control

DeWalt Perform Protect technology

The DeWalt Perform Protect line of power tools address both dust and vibration control. The technology comes on various hammer drills featuring SHOCKS Active Vibration Control. It also includes the DeWalt E-Clutch Anti-Rotational Technology.

SHOCKS Active Vibration Control

when you use drilling and hammer tools each day, it takes its toll on your body. Prolonged exposure to vibration can also result in fatigue, pain, and numbness. You can even develop increased sensitivity to cold and decreased sensitivity to touch in your fingers and hands. SHOCKS Active Vibration Control utilizes a shock system that reduces the amount of vibration reaching the user’s hands and arms.

DeWalt FlexVolt 2-inch SDS Max rotary hammer

DeWalt claims that SHOCKS vibration control results in as much as 20% less vibration to the user. It doesn’t just refer to corded and cordless tools, either. As an example, the DeWalt Carbon Fiber Hammer Tacker features a lightweight carbon fiber composite structure that weighs 45% less than other hammer tackers. DeWalt claims that it also reduces vibration levels by 45% and muscle exertion by 25%, letting you work longer with less fatigue.

E-Clutch Anti-Rotational Technology

Tools can bind up in normal drilling or cutting applications. You could hit rebar—or the bit might simply catch on something. This can cause injury to the user, or even damage the tool. E-Clutch Anti-Rotational Technology features a 2-stage clutch that lets users select the setting most appropriate for the job at hand. The E-Clutch then reduces power to the tool in a bind-up situation to protect you from a painful tool twist.

DeWalt pipe threader E-clutch

E-Clutch works across a variety of DeWalt Perform Protect tools. In grinders, E-Clutch shuts the motor down in less than a tenth of a second when it detects a pinch or stall.

DeWalt Lanyard Ready Tools

Another control technology shows up in DeWalt Lanyard Ready tools. These offer options for tethering select corded and cordless tools to rigid structures on jobsites when working at height. They’re designed for a maximum lanyard length of 2m. This simple feature helps secure your tools in the event you drop them from height.

Electronic Kickback Brake

Finally, DeWalt also integrates an electronic Kickback Brake on some grinders. It engages with enough force to quickly stop the wheel and shut off the grinder quickly when a pinch, stall, or bind-up occurs. This reduces the risk of damage or injury to the user.

Dust Control

DeWalt currently offers well over 200 OSHA Table 1 Compliant dust solutions. All of these fall within the DeWalt Perform and Protect line.

DeWalt Perform & Protect technology includes shrouds, extractors, and extraction accessories. It covers anything used to reduce the amount of airborne dust exposure to the user. Ultimately, it also cuts down on tool maintenance costs.

DeWalt Grinder Shrouds in use

DeWalt reduces silica dust on the jobsite through the use of various shrouds, hollow drill bits, extractors, and onboard solutions. Each is designed to match your application depending upon how much mobility you need.


These new DeWalt Perform Protect tools are a far cry from those cordless hammer drills you may be used to using for smaller drilling work. Electronic variable speed allows for speed adjustment under load. Better ergonomic positioning can be achieved by making use of the rear handle mounts when applying a downward force. An LED indicator alerts users when servicing is recommended. Dust collection options are frequently sold separately.

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