Echo Commercial Broadcast Spreader Models

ECHO Broadcast Spreaders

Echo Launches Three Commercial-Grade Broadcast Spreader Models

Let’s face it: there’s a big difference between spreaders designed to distribute fertilizer or insecticide on a lawn and spreaders designed for commercial use. Echo is introducing three commercial-grade broadcast spreader models that professionals can use for a range of year-round needs.

Echo Commercial Broadcast Spreader: The Big Deal

All three of these broadcast spreaders have 85-pound capacity hoppers to hold more material, meaning you won’t have to refill them as frequently. This capacity is greater than Echo’s other spreader, the RB-60 model, which carries up to 60 pounds. This increased hopper capacity makes these three models better suited for large-scale commercial use.

The RB-85 spreader features a powder-coated steel frame for corrosion resistance. You can use it for turf applications like spreading seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides.

Echo RB-85 broadcast spreader

The RB-85S model is also intended for turf applications, and it features a stainless-steel frame that offers even more durability and corrosion resistance.

Echo RB-85S broadcast spreader

The winter-season RB-85W spreader also features a stainless-steel frame. Its uses include hard surface ice and snow management like spreading ice melt and rock salt in driveways and walkways. The stainless-steel frame is important in this regard since using it in moist snow won’t cause it to rust. This model also features a salt-specific hopper and agitator, as well as four-sided foot defectors that create an operating area of 2 feet to 8 feet.

Echo RB-85W broadcast spreader

Echo tells us that the spreaders feature factory-calibrated spread patterns to ensure even and accurate coverage. Each model also has a foot-operated side deflector that keeps material out of unwanted areas. Additionally, a pro-style T-handle with a manual chute control places control at your fingertips.

Additional Features

  • Includes hopper grate and cover
  • 13-inch tires
  • High-visibility orange color increases safety when working near roadways

Echo Commercial Broadcast Spreader Price

The RB-85 spreader retails for $329.99, the RB-85S model retails for $449.99, and the RB-85W retails for $499.99. All models include a 5-year consumer warranty and a 2-year commercial warranty.


  • Model: RB-85 / RB-85S / RB-85W
  • Hopper capacity: 85 lbs
  • Frame material: Steel / Stainless Steel
  • Chute control linkage: Manual

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