EGO 10-Inch Telescopic Pole Saw

EGO PS1001 10-inch telescopic pole saw

EGO’s 10-Inch Telescopic Pole Saw Helps You Take Control Of Your Yard

EGO has had a pole saw as part of its Power-Head attachment system. This is the first dedicated pole saw the company has released, however. With this standalone model, EGO included some updates and industry-first features. We cover what changed in the EGO 10-Inch Telescopic Pole Saw (PS1001) so you can determine if it might better help you with those hard-to-reach trimming tasks.

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EGO 10-inch Telescopic Pole Saw: The Big Deal

EGO tells us that this pole saw will feature the industry’s first LED Cut Line Indicator. This was included to let you accurately cut when working in low-light conditions like shaded canopies. We’re definitely curious to see this feature in action when we get our hands on this pole saw. For now, it reminds us of the shadow cut line LEDs you find on some of the best miter saws.

EGO ps1001 telescopic pole saw head

Like their Line IQ string trimmer, EGO made the telescopic shaft using carbon fiber. This makes it both lightweight and durable. According to EGO, this design reduces the weight of the PS1001 pole saw by up to 30% compared to similar tools. It’s also adjustable, so you can either extend or retract the shaft if you need more or less reach. That should help with balance by not forcing you into that long length when you don’t need it. EGO also offers a lifetime warranty on the carbon fiber shaft.

EGO 10-inch pole saw controls

Including the 10-inch saw blade and the user’s reach, the EGO PS1001 telescoping pole saw has a maximum reach of around 16 feet. We assume the tool itself has a maximum length of 12 feet, adding 4 feet to the reach to account for the user’s height, but we won’t know for certain until it gets closer to the official release.

Kitted, the EGO PS1001 pole saw includes a 56V 2.5Ah ARC Lithium battery, with which you can expect to achieve up to 100 cuts on a full charge.

Additional Features

  • Tool-free tensioning

EGO PS1001 10″ Telescopic Pole Saw Price

The powerhead model sells for $279 as a kit with a 2.5Ah battery. We expect this dedicated pole saw to fall into a similar pricing structure. We’ll know more closer to when it releases in 2023.


  • Model: EGO PS1001
  • Max reach: 16 ft

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