EGO Commercial Charging System

EGO commercial charging system

When EGO Commercial debuted its latest outdoor power tools, they included a string trimmer, blower, hedge trimmer, several pole saws, and more. Behind all of these, however, lies the EGO Commercial Charging System…and it’s pretty groundbreaking. Manufacturers are releasing many different systems for charging battery-powered commercial outdoor power equipment. However, rather than go with an expensive 30-amp (or higher) charging solution with limited pack capacity or a gigantic custom trailer, EGO designed a scalable 120V solution that charges up to 96 batteries overnight.

Yes, you heard that correctly…at least, that’s what we’re being told. If EGO does what it claims, next year should see the release of this system, and it can ensure your lawn crew has everything it needs for a full day on the job.

EGO Commercial Charging System – The Big Deal

The power and expandability of the system come from the design. A single EGO Commercial Power Hub connects to a 120V 15A outlet. From there, the system connects to one or more battery banks that hold three EGO 56V ArcLithium batteries each.

daisy-chaining EGO ArcLithium batteries

And when we say “or more” we mean a LOT more. You can, in fact, connect up to 32 battery banks to a single EGO Commercial Power Hub head unit. That equates to 96 batteries that you can charge overnight!

EGO Commercial daisy chaining

EGO Commercial Charging Station

So what if you need to top off batteries and can’t wait for an overnight charge? In that case, EGO Commercial rolled out another interesting system. A docking station with a large battery lets you charge up to 14 individual 56V batteries, two at a time. While we await more details (and final specs) on this power supply, we’d estimate its capacity somewhere in the neighborhood of 35Ah.

EGO Commercial 56V battery docking station

A Combined or Hybrid Approach

So what if you wanted to use a hybrid approach? EGO thought through that and came up with a couple of scenarios that make sense to us. First, you could simply charge a combination of individual batteries and larger charging station packs overnight. Then, the next day, you’d have access both to those charged batteries, and the ability to recharge as many packs as you planned using the EGO Commercial charging stations.

combination onsite charging and overnight 56V

The result gives you a way to get more battery runtime out of fewer overall packs by maximizing those onsite chargers. This works well for recharging expended handheld tool batteries, for example, while you continue working with fresh batteries.

Recharging an Entire Landscaping Trailer

The second obvious approach involves outfitting a full landscaping trailer with batteries and chargers. You could then plug in the entire trailer each night. The only concern here would involve reducing heat in the trailer during those summer months.

Since both the Power Distribution charger and the 3-battery docks can be daisy-chained, a single 120V 15A power source can get you up and running for the next day’s work. Again, you could use a combination of simple 3-battery docks as well as those larger dual-battery power supplies. That would give you the ability to continue charging handheld tool batteries throughout the day.

EGO Trailer batteries charging

Additional Features

  • Charge up to 240Ah of batteries overnight (estimated based on currently-known specs)
  • Compatible with all EGO 56V Arc Lithium batteries
  • Supports 2.0–12Ah 56V batteries

EGO Commercial Charging System Pricing

EGO has not yet disclosed pricing for the Power Hub, 3-battery dock, or power supply recharging dock. We look forward to getting that information in 2023 and we will update this article when it becomes available.

EGO Commercial Charging System Specifications

  • Voltage: 56
  • Input Voltage: 120V
  • Input Current: <15A
  • Charge time: Less than 12 hours for up to 96 batteries

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