EGO PowerLoad Multi-Head String Trimmer Review

EGO PowerLoad Multi-Head String Trimmer Review

There are so many tools you need to have at your disposal to maintain your lawn well and they can take up a ton of space. Multi-Head systems are a great way to have the right tools and reduce your overall equipment costs. EGO is no stranger to this concept, but doggone it, that PowerLoad string trimmer is awfully convenient. Now that the EGO PowerLoad Multi-Head String Trimmer is available, you won’t have to choose between the two, but did they have to compromise to make it work?

EGO PowerLoad Multi-Head String Trimmer Performance

  • Brushless motor
  • 2 speeds with electronic shifting
  • 16-inch cutting swath
  • Up to 45 minutes of runtime with a 4.0Ah battery
  • Bump-feed head
  • PowerLoad line changes
  • 2-stage accessory changes

Starting with the basics, EGO uses a brushless motor at the top of the head. While most of its dedicated string trimmers shift the weight of the motor to the trimmer head, you can’t do that on a multi-head system. Otherwise, every attachment would need its own motor and you’re defeating the value prospect.

Unlike some trimmer designs, the cutter isn’t reversible. That’s not a problem in our book since the 16-inch swath is plenty.

16-inch cutting swath

Controlling the RPMs comes from the combination of a 2-speed electronic switch and a variable speed trigger. When you’re working at low speed, you can expect a 4.0Ah battery to run the trimmer for up to 45 minutes. Pay attention to how much trigger time you actually need, though. Most homeowners with lots up to an acre or more can handle all the trimming at high speed with no problem.

2-Speed Selector

As your line gets shorter, simply bump the head on the ground to extend more. It’s not as convenient as EGO’s automatic LineIQ system, but it’s a maneuver most lawn care veterans are used to.

PowerLoad… One A Multi-Head System

EGO PowerLoad Multi-Head String Trimmer Review

This is the first time EGO is pairing its PowerLoad technology with its multi-head system. If you’re new to the feature, PowerLoad automatically winds up your trimmer line, saving you the irritation of doing it manually. You simply feed the line through the trimmer head to its halfway point, press the self-feed button, and release it when the line gets to a usable length.

The big question is… how is EGO accomplishing this? The PowerLoad button is still near the trimmer head and it has to have a connection to the battery somehow. There are no additional wires running loose on either side, meaning EGO created an electrical pathway either through the driveshaft or down the sides. However they did it, it works perfectly and we haven’t been able to identify any obvious concerns for creating a short or complete disconnect.

Of course, the powerhead is compatible with EGO’s full range of Power+ Multi-Head attachments, which include options for cutting, trimming, clearing, and more. Because of the driveshaft design, it’s not compatible with other attachment systems, though.

EGO PowerLoad Multi-Head String Trimmer Design Notes

  • 9.5 pounds without a battery
  • 12.3 pounds with a 2.5Ah battery
  • Carbon fiber shaft
  • Quick-release adjustable front handle
  • IPX4 weather resistance

EGO uses a carbon fiber shaft on both the powerhead and string trimmer attachment ends to reduce the overall weight and absorb more vibration than metal shafts. Don’t assume that it’s weak, though. Carbon fiber is structurally strong and EGO warranties it for life.

Carbon Fiber Shaft

The weight of the powerhead and string trimmer is 9.5 pounds and the 4.0Ah that comes in the kit brings the total weight to 14.3 pounds. If you don’t need as much runtime and want to shave some weight, a 2.5Ah battery drops it down to 12.3 pounds.

If you have multiple people using the trimmer, you’ll enjoy the quick-release foam overmolded front handle. Once you install it, adjustments forward or back just require you to raise the green release lever, slide the handle into position, and press the lever back down. You don’t need any tools, even for the initial installation.

EGO PowerLoad Multi-Head String Trimmer Review

EGO PowerLoad Multi-Head String Trimmer Price

  • $379.99 kit
  • 5-year tool warranty
  • Lifetime carbon fiber shaft warranty

Look for the EGO MST1603 kit to arrive at retailers in February 2023. The kit comes with the powerhead, PowerLoad string trimmer attachment, 4.0Ah battery, and charger for $379.99.

The Bottom Line

If you’re a multi-head kind of homeowner that’s been coveting your neighbor’s PowerLoad string trimmer, a new day is dawning for you. With the EGO MST1603, you get the benefits of an attachment system with the PowerLoad feature that works exactly the way it does on EGO’s dedicated string trimmer models with the same feature. It’s a convenient, well-designed system that makes EGO an incredibly compelling option in the multi-head class.

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