Energizer eZV7500 Portable Generator Review

Energizer eZV7500 Portable Generator Review
PTR Review
  • Build Quality 9.0
  • Feature Set 9.0
  • Runtime 8.0
  • Power 8.5
  • Value 7.0

With a mid-range price and no major initial quality issues, it's going to take more time for the market to see how reliable Energizer's engine turns out to be. GFCI protection is the only glaring oversight on an otherwise excellent build. 

Overall Score 8.3 (out of 10)

Portable generators cover a wide swath from 1800-watt units that are great for camping to 10,000-watt beasts that can run an entire job site crew. New to this sector is Energizer, a brand name well-known for its alkaline batteries. The Energizer eZV7500 and its brethren in the line come from Midland Power, a Canadian company that also sells generators under the Hyundai brand.

First Impressions

At first glance, the generator seems well-built. The frame doesn’t leave me with any concerns. I like the 10″ wheel size to help get across job site grounds. I didn’t actually get to test them out, though. As one of the very first units off the plane, I was missing an axle rod. That said, the never flat wheels are right in line for diameter and width that I’m seeing from brands like Honda or Briggs & Stratton, so I don’t have any qualms about them.

The handle locks in place and folds down out of the way when you don’t need it. There’s nothing really exciting or disappointing to write home about in that category.

There are a couple things missing. One – and it’s not a big deal for every Pro – is the lack of a lift hook for getting the Energizer generator to higher levels on job sites. The lack of GFCI protection is going to be the bigger concern.


The Energizer eZV7500 portable generator features an electric start with a recoil backup. Electric start is always nice to have, particularly with this size of generator. You’re already hauling it out of the trailer, there’s no need to work harder on starting it.

The battery is physically smaller than most units in this class. Midland chooses to go with a 12V, 25.6 Wh lithium battery over the lead-acid ones most brands use. This is less capacity than we’re used to seeing, though the battery manufacturer claims it’s equivalent to a 7 – 9 Ah lead-acid battery.

Energizer eZV7500 Portable Generator Review


One of the major points people look for on a generator is what motor it has. The Energizer eZV7500 portable generator doesn’t carry any of the major brand names, but it’s got some of the features we want to see. It’s a 4-stroke, 15 horsepower, 420 cc engine with an overhead valve design and electronic fuel injection.

Energizer eZV7500 Portable Generator Review

Like all gasoline engines, it’ll last longer the better you maintain it. Assuming you’re caring for it like you should, Midland backs it up with a 3-year warranty for parts and labor on residential use. Commercial use gets a 6-month warranty.

How to Maintain Your Generator


This Energizer generator model will give you 7500 watts of peak power and 6500 watts of continuous power. That’s more than enough for a small job site crew to stay in business. It’s also a great bet for emergency storm power or to run a hunting cabin. Everyone’s needs are different, of course, so check out our guide to see how much power you need from your generator.

What Size Generator Do I Need?

Midland tells us that this generator deals with energy spikes, so you can charge your sensitive electronics without fear.


On the runtime side, you’re in decent shape. The 6.6-gallon metal fuel tank will run for 7 hours at full capacity and 15.5 hours at 25% load. The tank is well within range of its peers and unless you’re running at 100%, you should have enough fuel in the tank to make it through a full workday.

Editor’s Note: We received an early sample and the specificaions now show the gas tank is 5.5 gallons.

Energizer eZV7500 Portable Generator Review


Energizer covers nearly all of your outlet bases with this model. You’ll be able to pull 54A at 120V or 27A at 240V. That’s enough to power nearly anything on the job site or for a short-term power interruption. Here’s the list of what you get:

  • (2) 120V, 20A AC outlets
  • (1) 120V, 30A L5-30R
  • (1) 120/240V, 30A L14-30R
  • (1) 120/240V, 50A NEMA 14-50R

Energizer eZV7500 Portable Generator Review

Noise Level

This is not a quiet generator. At 76 dB(A), it’s going to irritate your neighbors – at least the ones that don’t have a generator themselves. It’s not overly loud, though, so just invite them over to enjoy your hospitality to take the edge off after a storm.

Price and Value

The Energizer eZV7500 portable generator will run you $1899. That’s on the higher side of the class, though not as high as a Honda with the same features. The major question is going to be how well that engine holds up over sustained use on the job site. Considering you can get a similar generator starting around $1000, that engine reliability will make or break the brand as it enters the market at this price.

That aside, I’d expect to see GFCI protection at this price level.

The first shipments are just coming in, and you’ll be able to find them on Amazon and Home Depot along with several other retailers.

The Bottom Line

The jury’s still out on this one. With a mid-range price and no major initial quality issues, it’s going to take more time for the market to see how reliable Energizer’s engine turns out to be. GFCI protection is the only glaring oversight on an otherwise excellent build.

Energizer eZV7500 Key Features

  • Portable inverter generator powered by a massive 420cc engine with EFI
  • Produces 7500 surge watts and 6,500 rated watts of clean energy free of voltage spikes
  • Heavy duty and portable design makes transporting this generator easy because of its built-in wheels and top-mounted collapsible handle
  • EcoMode throttle feature automatically adjusts the inverter generator’s motor to prevent the usage of unnecessary gasoline
  • Lightweight and durable design makes transporting easy due to its built-in wheels and collapsible handle

Energizer eZV7500 Specifications

  • Model: Energizer eZV7500
  • Engine: OHV Engine, 3900RPM Max.
  • Engine Size: 420cc 15HP
  • Starting System: Electric and Manual Recoil
  • Starting Watts: 7,500 W
  • Running Watts: 6,500 W
  • Maximum Amps: 120/240V 54/27A
  • Fuel Tank Size: 6.6 Gal
  • Run Time: 7 H @ 100%, 15.5 H @ 25%
  • Outlets: (2) 120V 20A (5-20), (1) 120V 30A (L5-30), (1) 120/240V 30A (L14-30), (1) 120/240V 50A (14-50)
  • Noise Rating: 76dBA at 25% load
  • Weight: 190 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 Years Limited (residential), 6 months (commercial)
  • Price: $1,899


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