Exmark Vertex Stand-ons

exmark vertex stand-ons

Like many of its competitors throughout the OPE landscape, Exmark has been particularly bullish on developing new models and updating existing gear in its fleet. The release of its Lazer Z V-Series electric zero-turn is a case in point. Among the latest additions to the brand’s expanding line of commercial mowing solutions are the Exmark Vertex E-Series and X-Series Stand-ons.

No doubt, Exmark is a known quantity in the Pro market. But do these models have performance and design features capable of meeting commercial needs? To help you answer that question, here’s a look at what they’ve got.

Exmark Vertex Stand-ons Performance and Design

So, do you go with the E-Series or the X-Series? Making that decision largely depends on your clients’ properties.

exmark vertex e-series stand-ons

E-Series Stand-ons

According to Exmark, the E-Series mowers are what you need for properties with limited access and tight spaces (gated yards, etc.). For instance, you’re reading under the right heading if you service heavily populated housing developments–the quintessential suburban setting.

With the E-Series end of the Vertex stand-ons, you have an electric start, which fires up a twin-cylinder Kawasaki FS600V engine.


  • Model: Exmark Vertex E-Series
  • Engine: Kawasaki FS600V
  • Deck options: 32 and 36 in

Combined with its HydroGear pumps and parker wheel motors, you should hit speeds up to 7.5 mph. While it won’t qualify for the NASCAR circuit, that’s still worthy of the “commercial” label.

Moreover, you’ll have a single-point cut height adjustment system with a 1- to 4.5-inch cutting range.


  • Ideal for most residential property
  • Kawasaki FS600V w/ electric start


  • Depending on mowing area, 7.5 mph may be on the slow side

X-Series Stand-ons

exmark vertex x-series stand-on mower

If large properties comprise the lion’s share of your contracts, then Exmark’s X-Series Vertex stand-ons are where it’s at.

Similar to the E-Series, this variant houses a Kawasaki engine–the more powerful FX1000. To accommodate intensive mowing demands, this unit also has a 14-gallon tank and a mowing capacity of up to 7 acres per hour.

Together with a 72-inch deck, the E-Series should prove quite efficient.


  • Model: Exmark Vertex X-Series
  • Engine: Kawasaki FX1000
  • Deck options: 52, 60, and 72 in
exmark stand-on zero-turns

And, if the 72-inch is more than you need, Exmark offers 52- or 60-inch options. Either way, they all tout the brand’s proprietary UltraCut Series 6 decks, which they say result in a higher-quality cut.


  • Large deck options
  • Kawasaki FX1000 engine
  • Expansive cutting capacity


  • No notable drawbacks

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Exmark Vertex Stand-on Mowers Availability

For pricing and availability, visit your local Exmark dealer.

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