April 23, 2021

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EGO Z6 Zero Turn Lawn Mower Review

EGO Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower ZT4204L Review

Highly-Anticipated EGO Zero Turn Riding Mower Set to Make its Debut The team at EGO whet our appetites about a ZT they had in the works a while back. Now, we’ve had a chance to put the EGO Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower through its paces. Check out our video review of the EGO Z6! […]

Greenworks Zero Turn Mowers | Battery-Powered Commercial ZTs

As the world progressively gets more up-in-arms over the noise and emissions of gas motors, particularly in Pro lawn care applications, we’re learning that modern problems require modern solutions. That’s where the Greenworks battery-powered line of commercial zero turn mowers (and two residential models) come in. They already make one of the best electric lawn […]

John Deere Residential Zero Turn Mowers for 2021

2021 Line of John Deere Mowers Includes All-New Z500 Series and More John Deere launched an all-new Z500 Series and the Z365R mower. The 2021 John Deere Mowers offer homeowners more power, helpful features, and simple controls, all from a mower line that covers a wide range of residential lawn care projects. John Deere on […]

Greenworks Pro 60V ZTR Mower RZ42R

Greenworks Pro 60V Residential ZT Mower RZ 42r

Greenworks Pro 60V 42″ Residential and Lawn Tractor Power Through Lawn Care We were lucky enough to get a visit from our friends at Greenworks to take a look at two very special products: the Greenworks Pro 60V residential ZT mower and Lawn Tractor. These depart from the 82V 48-inch residential zero-turn, and we think […]

Dixie Chopper Zee 2 HP

Dixie Chopper Zee 2 HP Mowers

Dixie Chopper Releases 2021 Residential ZT Line Dixie Chopper wants to recalibrate your expectations when it comes to residential zero-turn mowing. The 2021 line of Dixie Chopper Zee 2 HP mowers include bigger engines, Pro-grade transmissions, and more. The supercharged residential mowers fill a need in the market for homeowners looking for more speed, power, […]

Toro TimeCutter 60-inch Zero Turn Mower

Toro TimeCutter 60-inch Zero Turn Mower Review (75760)

Having reviewed and used dozens of ZT mowers over the years, our team likes to stay up to date. We want to test and review the latest advances and technologies manufacturers integrate and migrate into both commercial and residential products. This week, the sub-$4,000 Toro TimeCutter 60-inch zero turn mower (model 75760) came into the […]

Ferris 2100Z ZT Mower Review

The Ferris IS 2100Z Mower Doesn’t Care About Puny Bumps in Your Lawn The Ferris IS 2100Z mower showed up at the shop not a moment too soon. It had been a few weeks since we had near non-stop mowing for our Best Gas Mower and Best Battery-Powered Lawn Mower shootouts. Quite frankly, the grass […]

Best Greenworks Outdoor Power Equipment at GIE 2019

2019 Greenworks Media Event – New Greenworks Tools

Last year we attended the Greenworks Lithium Z launch event in Mooresville (Charlotte), North Carolina. This year, promises of riding the new 82V UTV prodded us to venture up north to attend the 2019 Greenworks Media Event. We sampled more than a few new Greenworks tools this year. Greenworks located their headquarters in an old […]

Review9.1(out of 10)
Cub Cadet Pro Z 560 L KW

60-inch Cub Cadet Pro Z 560 L KW Review

Cub Cadet Pro Z 500 Series Makes Quick, Comfortable Work of Mowing June is here, and the grass is already coming in thick and fast. Fortunately for us, Cub Cadet’s timing with having us review some of their premier ZT mowers has been timely. For instance, we just had the opportunity to put the Pro […]

Review9.5(out of 10)
Cub Cadet Pro Z 972 SD Zero-Turn Mower

Cub Cadet Pro Z 972 SD Zero-Turn Mower Review

I tried to describe the feeling of riding along at 12+ mph while cutting grass on a zero turn with 4-wheel steering to a colleague who runs a professional landscaping company. When my description then turned to describe the dually wheels, he became absolutely convinced I was pulling his leg. So, at first glance, the […]