Greenworks Commercial OptimusZ Lawn Mowers: Zero-Turn and Stand-On

Greenworks Commercial OptimusZ Lawn Mower: Zero-Turn and Stand-On

Greenworks Commercial Launches OptimusZ Zero-Turn And Stand-On Lawn Mowers

Highlighting the 2022 Equip Expo (formerly GIE), the Greenworks Commercial OptimusZ line of zero-turn and stand-on lawn mowers turned a lot of heads. The design team set out to make the best ride-on lawn mowers, period. In doing so, they addressed every pain point they could think of, and are building them in Morristown, Tennessee.

Greenworks Commercial OptimusZ Lawn Mower Power Source and Runtime

Stand-On Mower

Greenworks Commercial moves away from the 82V batteries they use in the handheld tools to a much larger battery style. There are 8kWh, 18kWh, and 24kWh battery banks. Using an LFP lithium battery system, these high-density packs have been put through serious tests, including drop testing from 30 feet. Overall, the lithium/iron/phosphate cathode creates a safer, more stable high-density pack than the NMC (lithium/manganese/cobalt) cathode packs.

At the beginning of the design phase, the product team put the battery directly under the seat and built the rest of the mower around it. This gives the mower a lower center of gravity than other battery or gas options, helping it safely mow slopes up to 25°. It also makes for a more compact mower with less length in the back where an engine would normally go.

For most commercial battery-powered zero-turn mowers, all-day runtime is tricky. That’s not the case for the Greenworks Commercial OptimusZ. It’s capable of mowing up 8 hours—that’s 8 actual mowing hours—and cutting up to 21 acres on a charge.

Speaking of charging, using the latest battery and charger technology, your mower can be back up to full charge in as little as 3 hours.

Greenworks Commercial OptimusZ Lawn Mower Performance

Greenworks Commercial OptimusZ Lawn Mower

Battery-powered lawn mowers keep gaining performance with some models claiming 25HP gas equivalence. However, the OptimusZ pushes the envelope much further, boasting the equivalent of a 65 HP (1040cc) gas engine.

Using direct drive electronically controlled brushless motors, the blade tip speed is dialed in at 19,000 FPM. Thanks to its impressive battery technology and what Greenworks calls its PowrTraq Smart Drive System, the mower is able to maintain that blade speed, even in thick grass which slows the blades on gas engines. The result is a high-quality cut in just about any condition.

Greenworks Commercial OptimusZ Lawn Mower Models

There are several zero-turn and stand-on options available. Here’s the skinny:

Small Stand-On Models (8kWh Battery)

  • 32-inch deck
  • 36-inch deck

Large Stand-On Models (18kWh and 24kWh Battery Options)

  • 48-inch deck
  • 52-inch deck
  • 60-inch deck

Zero-Turn Models (18kWh and 24kWh Battery Options)

  • 48-inch deck
  • 52-inch deck
  • 60-inch deck

Automated Models

In addition to the zero-turn and stand-on models, there are also automated Greenworks OptimusZ zero-turn lawn mowers in the works for late 2023. Relying on RTK GPS, these are accurate to 1 inch. Even better, they are 2-in-1 mowers, capable of running autonomously or with a human operator.

Additional Highlights

  • Industry-first low-profile hub drive motors in the rear wheels
  • Halo lighting system allows operators to see and be seen, even after dark
  • Folding ROPS bar
  • 80% fewer moving parts compared to gas models
  • CAN bus system

Greenworks Commercial OptimusZ Lawn Mower Maintenance

The OptimusZ deal with the maintenance of your mower fleet with just two regular needs: sharpening the blades and greasing the front casters. Aside from that, there are no pulleys, belts, filters, or other concerns. It’s just 2000 hours of hassle-free operation that avoids downtime.

That’s not to say that issues can’t ever happen. It’s lawn care, and stuff happens. Greenworks Commercial created a Fleet Connect system that delivers diagnostic information directly to you and your Greenworks service team. The goal is for it to identify service points proactively before they become issues that create downtime. When it comes to things like a branch blocking a blade, you can see in the app where the problem is, making it quicker to deal with it and get back to work.

Additionally, the system allows for 4G/GPS theft protection and OTA (over-the-air) software upgrades.

Greenworks Commercial OptimusZ Lawn Mower Price

Each mower is designed to ensure that you save money, usually by the end of the first year when you add in the cost of fuel and maintenance. Here’s how the pricing looks:

OptimusZ Zero-Turns

Deck SizeBattery CapacityPrice
48 Inches18 kWh$22,999.99
48 Inches24 kWh$26,999.99
52 Inches18 kWh$22,999.99
52 Inches24 kWh$26,999.99
60 Inches18 kWh$22,999.99
60 Inches24 kWh$26,999.99

OptimusZ Stand-Ons

Deck SizeBattery CapacityPrice
32 Inches8 kWh$12,999.99
36 Inches8 kWh $12,999.99
48 Inches18 kWh$21,999.99
48 Inches24 kWh$25,999.99
52 Inches18 kWh$21,999.99
52 Inches24 kWh$25,999.99
60 Inches18 kWh$21,999.99
60 Inches24 kWh$25,999.99

The Bottom Line

There are more players than ever in the battery-powered zero-turn market, creating serious competition as the industry continues its shift away from gas. The Greenworks Commercial OptimusZ zero-turn and stand-on lawn mowers are so well-developed that they are the most effective way for professional crews to transition away from gas. Even hard-core gas crews owe it to themselves to give these mowers a demo and feel what battery power is capable of.

Have any questions? Drop them in the comments below and we’ll do our best to get answers for you!

Discover more Pro-targeted lawn care solutions at Greenworks Commercial’s website.

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