Mean Green EVO 96 Zero-Turn

mean green evo 96

I don’t think there was ever a more apt name for a brand than Mean Green. Take one look at them, and you’ll realize why. These are robust mowers with an attitude as beefy as their builds. The Mean Green EVO 96 zero-turn is no exception. In fact, it’s a case in point. Indeed, from what the company tells us, this model is the industry’s largest electric ZT mower, which is impressive in itself.

So, naturally, this is a model worth exploring, and it begs the question: Is it going to be the next zero-turn on your trailer?

Mean Green EVO 96 Performance Features

Let’s jump in with a look at this beast’s power plant. At the heart of the 96 is a 44 kWh battery. But, according to Mean Green, power alone isn’t the EVO 96’s only standout attribute. It should also give you about 8 hours of continuous mowing, which is pretty darned close to a solid day’s work.

And, as you’re well aware, downtime is the nemesis of any landscaping and lawn care crew.

Speaking of downtime, there is the matter of the inevitable need to recharge. Mean Green says that the EVO 96 is back to full capacity in roughly 9.5 hours.

mean green evo 96 electric zero-turn


  • Model: EVO 96
  • Battery: 44 kWh
  • Cutting width: 96 inches
  • Charge time: ~ 9.5 hours

On the cutting side of things, this model seems to be every bit as promising. In particular, this zero-turn comes equipped with a 96-inch mulching rear discharge deck. Furthermore, it has electronic folding wings that reduce the mower’s width to 72.5 inches for easy transport.

Finally, rounding out the EVO 96’s performance elements is Mean Green’s Impulse Drive System™. Commonly found on construction equipment, this type of setup is straight-up durable. In particular, these drives are made of heavy-duty cast iron housings and steel-cut gears that provide a load rating of 4.5 tons.

Mean Green EVO 96 Design

location of the battery on this mean green electric zero-turn
Battery location

With the performance tour out of the way, there are two main design elements that I want to mention.

First, is how the brand’s designers positioned this ZT’s battery. Centered between the rear wheels (and only 8 inches off the ground), the battery stabilizes the mower’s balance. According to Mean Green, this allows the operator to safely negotiate slopes of up to 20 degrees.

Last but not least is its overall construction. They used aluminum for the chassis, which should boost power efficiency.

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EVO 96 Price

Mean Green EVO 96 models are pricey, starting at $71,499.99.

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