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Flex 24V Cordless Table Saw Review
PTR Review
  • Rating 9.8

The design team blew us away with the Flex 24V cordless table saws, and I don't say that lightly. The performance is excellent, the build is solid, and the features are genuinely helpful. With cutting characteristics that rival 15-amp corded models and corded or cordless operation, Flex is a serious competitor to contend for the number one ranked table saw overall.

Overall Score 9.8 (out of 10)

Flex Table Saws Display Excellent Performance and Meaningful Innovation

Starting off 2024 with a bang, two Flex 24V table saw options are sure to be one of the hottest products of the year. Think it’s all hype? We’ve been using both models to look at what they offer and see if it’s worth getting your hands on one.


  • Excellent cutting power
  • Smooth cutting, even with the stock blade
  • Hybrid 24V battery or AC power
  • Rack-and-pinion fence system
  • Secure, accurate fence design
  • LED fence lighting
  • 4x lumber cut capacity (10-inch model only)
  • CutSense automatic blade stop (10-inch model only)
  • Extension table offers generous left side support (8 1/4-inch model only)
  • High-contrast green measurement indicators


  • No significant drawbacks

Flex 24V Cordless Table Saw Model Comparison

Flex 24V Cordless Table Saw Review

Before we dive into the details, let’s look at the key similarities and differences between the 8 1/4-inch table saw and the 10-inch table saw.

8 1/4-inch10-inch
Rack-and-pinion fence systemRack-and-pinion fence system
Rechargeable LED lighted fence Rechargeable LED lighted fence
24V battery operation24V battery operation
AC adapter operationAC adapter operation
Blade brakeBlade brake
Standard blade height adjustmentStandard blade height adjustment
Standard bevel adjustmentStandard bevel adjustment
Green measurement indicatorsGreen measurement indicators
Battery level indicatorBattery level indicator
Single-wrench blade changeSingle-wrench blade change
6000 RPM5500 RPM
20.5-inch blade left support
25-inch blade right support
13-inch blade left support
30.5-inch blade right support
19.75-inch table depth22-inch table depth
Folding table extension (left side)CutSense automatic blade stop
Included dust port elbow

Flex 24V Cordless Table Saw Performance

All the bells and whistles don’t mean much if the performance isn’t there. So, the first question we need to answer is… How well do these table saws cut?

We grabbed some 1x and 2x stock to make a variety of cuts on both models. We were primarily looking for how smooth and confident the saws are, and their cutting characteristics we feed lumber through.

The initial cuts we made with the 8 1/4-inch model were wonderful. The blade made quick work of slicing through 1x material quickly and smoothly.

Flex 8 1/4-inch 24V Cordless Table Saw Review

Switching over to the 2x stock was a similar story. As we fed the lumber through, the action was smooth, and the brushless motor had no trouble keeping the RPMs at max speed.

Next, we tried feeding much more aggressively. At the rate we were feeding, most corded table saws start to give us noticeable chatter—but not Flex. We were able to feel the RPMs starting to drop, but the stock blade Flex included remained as smooth as we could hope for.

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Finally, we tilted the blade 45° to make some bevel cuts in our 2x stock. If we were going to find a weakness, it would be on these cuts. Just like cutting at 90°, we could force the RPMs to drop with an aggressive feed. However, it was able to handle the cut with no problem and no chatter with the typical feed rate we use on our corded saws.

There wasn’t much difference when we stepped up to the 10-inch model. The same smooth, confident cutting characteristics we enjoyed on the smaller saw were there, too. In the final analysis, we couldn’t say that one saw was more powerful than the other.

Flex 10-inch 24V Cordless Table Saw Review

Of course, where the 10-inch model has an advantage is in cut capacity. At full height, the blade clears more than 3 1/2 inches, meaning it can cut 4x material in one pass. Even better, the motor has the power to make it a legitimate application.

10-inch Table Saw Blade

Flex 24V Cordless Table Saw Key Features

Fence System

Rack-and=pinion fence system

Flex turns to a rack-and-pinion fence system, which is a popular choice among the best table saws we prefer. It’s not just a copycat system, though. There are some noteworthy features built in.

First, there’s a green measurement indicator. Against the black and silver measurement gauge, it stands out with excellent contrast and even my poor eyes were able to make accurate adjustments more easily.

Measurement Indicator

The fence locking system is nice as well. Once you set the fence to the position you need (including upside down for storage), levers on both sides snap down to lock it in place.

The major highlight is the LED lighting, though. A strip of lights run the full length of the fence, casting light across the table and helping you see your cutline in low light situations.

Flex 24V Cordless Table Saw LED Fence Lighting

Since the fence is removable, there’s no easy way for the main power source to offer the lights a draw. Flex solves that by using a separate rechargeable battery. All you need to do is charge it up using a USB-C cord and it’s fully operational independent of the table saw.

Hybrid Power

Flex Stacked Lithium Battery

Flex made a great move by going with a hybrid power source. You can use any Flex 24V battery or an optional AC adapter that you can purchase separately. The AC adapter uses the same interface as the battery, so you use the same connection no matter which power source you choose.

We highly recommend using a high-capacity Stacked Lithium battery when you’re running cordless. We used a 10.0Ah Stacked Lithium battery for our testing, and both saws performed beautifully with it.

Extension Table (8 1/4-inch Model Only)

Extension Table

The smaller Flex 24V cordless table saw includes a folding extension table, giving it a much better left-sde support than other portable table saws. With it out, you get 20.5 inches on the left to go with the 25 inches you have on the right.

Flex did a nice job with the design, too. Folded down, there’s an obvious friction that engages as it gets to the bottom. This keeps the extension from flopping around as you’re carrying it or transporting it in your vehicle.

When you want to use the additional support, you simply swing it up into position where it automatically locks itself. When you’re ready to fold it back down, there’s a release you press on the front bracket. It’s a super-simple and highly effective design.

CutSense (10-inch Model Only)

Flex Table Saw CutSense Switch

The larger table saw includes a brilliant feature called CutSense. When you engage it, the saw sense when the load lightens at the end of your cut and automatically stops the blade. You don’t have to reach down to turn the saw off manually, saving you a few seconds on each cut. Those seconds add up and offer more cuts per charge of your battery than manually hitting the switch each time.

There’s a slight delay before CutSense engages, which is a good thing. If you slightly hesitate in the middle of a cut, it won’t trigger right away. However, if you pause long enough, it will. Take some scrap material and make some test cuts to get a feel for it, and you should have it down in just a few minutes.

It’s not a safety feature, though. It doesn’t react fast enough to prevent serious injury, so stay vigilant as always when you’re cutting.

You can use the table saw with or without CutSense on. Simply press the button to the right of the switch to turn it on or off.

Flex 24V Cordless Table Saw Price

When Flex gets these table saws to retailers in January 2024, pricing depends on which configuration you want.

The 8 1/4-inch model is $449.99 as a bare tool or $599.99 as a kit. The includes a 6.0Ah Stacked Lithium battery and 160W charger.

The 10-inch table saw is $599.99 as a bare too, and the kit runs $749.99. This kit gets the 10.0Ah Stacked Lithium battery and a 160W charger.

For those of you wanting to add the AC adapter, it’s $199.

Keep your eyes open for a stand as well. We’re expecting it to be available in January 2024 as well.

Flex offers a lifetime warranty when you register your tools, so be sure to take advantage of that peace of mind.

The Bottom Line

The design team blew us away with the Flex 24V cordless table saws, and I don’t say that lightly. The performance is excellent, the build is solid, and the features are genuinely helpful. With cutting characteristics that rival 15-amp corded models and corded or cordless operation, Flex is a serious competitor to contend for the number one ranked table saw overall.

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