Flex 24V Stacked Lithium Battery | New for 2022

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When we started making the shift to 21700 lithium-ion cells and advanced high-performance tools that can take advantage of them, many of us began wondering… what’s next? We have an answer to that question in the form of pouch cells and Flex 24V Stacked Lithium battery packs are coming.

Flex 24V Stacked Lithium Battery | The Big Deal

Stacked pouch cells are still a fairly new concept in the power tool industry, so the tech itself is a big deal for Flex 24V Stacked Lithium battery packs. If you’re new to the design, the stacked design opens up a ton of possibilities.

For starters, these packs are able to produce more power in watts than cylindrical cell batteries. It works the other direction, too, with significantly faster charge times. In fact, Flex will have a charger that completes a full cycle in just 15 minutes for the smaller pack!

The pouch cells also have a significantly longer life cycle than the batteries we’re used to. While Flex hasn’t released any specific data, early indications are that this pack design can have twice the number of charge cycles as a standard lithium-ion battery.

Another big deal is the breadth Flex is launching with. If you saw the DeWalt pack, they have just one 20V Max, 1.7Ah battery to kick off their campaign. Flex has 3.5Ah, 6.0Ah, and 8.0Ah options right out of the gate.

They take up less space than you might imagine as well. The 3.5Ah Stacked Lithium pack is roughly the same size as the 2.5Ah standard pack. The 6.0Ah Stacked Lithium lines up with the standard 5.0Ah and the 8.0Ah Stacked Lithium is about the size of the normal 6.0Ah pack.

Flex 24V Stacked Lithium Battery Price

Pricing is still TBA and varies depending on which capacity you get. We are expecting the new batteries to hit retailers in-store and online in March 2022.

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