General Equipment BittyBreaker Manual Impact Breaker

General Equipment BittyBreaker Reduces Cost And Footprint

Breaking is a tough, loud, dirty job that’s uncomfortable for both the operator and bystanders. But what if you could get some of those jobs done with a lighter, quieter tool? The General Equipment BittyBreaker is one option worth considering.

General Equipment BittyBreaker Manual Impact Breaker: The Big Deal

General Equipment BittyBreaker

When we think about breaking concrete, we have several tools in our arsenal we turn to. They’re all power tools, and they’re all bulky and relatively heavy. The General Equipment BittyBreaker moves in the opposite direction. It’s a manual tool that one person can easily carry and wield.

Despite its small size compared to standard breakers, it packs an impressive 1450 ft-lbs of blow force using a solid steel piston and barrel. To put that in context, the Hilti TE 3000 heavy-duty electric jackhammer produces 62.7 ft-lbs. The difference is that the rate of those impacts is much faster with a power tool than the BittyBreaker’s manual operation. Once you get used to it, it’s possible to have a work rate of 10 – 20 blows per minute, though.

With the tool weighing 21 pounds, it’s about 1/3 the weight of the TE 3000.

Here’s the other piece of the puzzle: you don’t want to use the General Equipment BittyBreaker to take out an entire foundation. It’s far too slow for that scope of work. But breaking up a channel you cut for plumbing in your shop floor? That and other small jobs are what this tool is designed for.

Additional Highlights

  • Accepts 1.125 x 6-inch jackhammer bits (not included)

General Equipment BittyBreaker Manual Impact Breaker Price

We’ve seen pricing for this tool range from around $199 to $299 depending on where you buy it. At the time we’re writing, Lewis Contractors Supply has it on Amazon for $262.55 with $52.62 shipping. Tools4Flooring has it for $199 with free shipping.

Note that we’ve never shopped at Tools4Flooring, so we can’t vouch for them, but they had the best price we could find.

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