Georgia Boot Athens SuperLyte Work Boots

Georgia SuperLyte Boots

Georgia Boot Offers Three Styles Of Athens SuperLyte Boots For Light Duty Work

Finding the right pair of work boots for the job can seem like a laborious task. There are, after all, so many to choose from. If you’re working in a heavy-duty environment like a construction site, you have plenty of options, but what if your needs are more on the lighter side? Find out how Georgia Boot Athens SuperLyte Work Boots aim to stand the test of time and provide you with all-day comfort for lighter-duty jobs.

Georgia Boot Athens SuperLyte Work Boots: The Big Deal

Georgia Boots emphasizes a lightweight design with the introduction of this line. How light? The Moc Toe Chelsea style is the lightest at 2.6 pounds per size 10 pair. That’s just under 21 ounces per boot, which is pretty dang light (that’s a technical term, by the way) for a work boot.

All Athens SuperLyte work boots are constructed with Crazy Horse full-grain leather for long-term durability. Georgia Boot designed them with abrasion-resistant dual-density EVA and Carbo-Tec rubber on the outsoles. These boots also carry an ASTM F2892 electrical hazard classification thanks to their nail-free design.

They offer three different styles giving you the option of boots with or without laces. All three styles feature the Georgia waterproof system, which keeps your feet cool and dry by allowing air in and keeping water out.

Moc Toe Hiker Style

The 6-inch Moc-Toe (GB00547) includes eyelet and hook hardware, giving you a laced-up style. They feature a padded collar and tongue, with Advanced Memory Polyurethane (AMP) insoles for a comfortable fit. They weigh 2.9 pounds per size 10 pair (23 ounces per boot).

Moc Toe Pull-On

If you’re in need of something on the taller side, the 11-inch Moc-Toe pull-on boots (GB00549) might be the pair for you. They feature grip panels on the side for an easy pull-on and a back zipper to make accessibility even easier. They’re also constructed using no metal material or parts, which is perfect for working in environments that require you to routinely pass through metal detectors. You do have the option to include an alloy toe in these boots, though.

These are the heaviest of the group. “Heavy” is a relative term in lightweight boots, though. A size 10 pair weighs 3.4 pounds or 27 ounces per boot. If you want the alloy toe, add 3 ounces per boot.

Moc Toe Chelsea

Like the 11-inch variety, the Moc-Toe Chelsea (GB00548) boots feature twin side panels for easy pull-on. These boots are also non-metallic, waterproof, and feature an AMP insole. They are the lightest model in the SuperLyte collection, at just 2.6 pounds (for a size 10 pair).

Additional Features

  • Stretch gusset technology
  • Georgia Anchor Disk for added arch support
  • Fiberglass shank
  • Cement construction

Georgia Boot Athens SuperLyte Work Boots Price

You can get these boots direct from Georgia Boot or through a number of retailers. We found the entire line at the lowest prices from Amazon. Here are the retail prices for each style:

  • Hiker Style: $197
  • Chelsea: $185
  • Pull On: $208
  • Pull On with Alloy Safety Toe: $225

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