Greenworks 40V Portable Power Station

greenworks power station

Greenworks 4-Slot Portable Power Station Brings Power on the Go

Whether you’re gearing up for camping season or prepping your home for a natural disaster, having a secondary power supply can make a huge difference. With advances in battery-powered technology, running off the grid has never been easier. Greenworks is entering its 40V Portable Power Station into the ring with some impressive stats. We’re taking a look at it to help you decide if it’s the right tool for your home.

Greenworks 40V Portable Power Station Overview

  • Model: Greenworks 2988302
  • Generates 500W of continuous power
  • Seven power ports
  • Four 40V 4.0Ah Greenworks batteries provide long runtimes
  • 755W of total output
  • 5 x 2-inch LCD display
  • Plug into wall outlet to recharge batteries

The Greenworks 40V battery-powered inverter generates up to 500 watts of continuous power. Its two 500W AC outlets, two 30W USB-A ports, and three USB-C ports provide you with a variety of charging and powering capabilities.

Using four Greenworks 40V batteries, you can power devices such as a 40W mini fridge for up to 25 hours, a 105W TV for up to 9.5 hours, and even a video game console for up to 62 hours. Its 755 watts of total output also allows you to power multiple devices at a time.

This power inverter features a 5×2-inch LCD display that shows your battery capacity, output/input information, and well as estimated recharge time.

Speaking of charging, this model allows you to recharge the batteries on the unit itself by plugging it into a wall outlet. You also have the option to charge your batteries separately using a Greenworks 40V charger.

Additionally, this power station is compatible with the Greenworks SmartG Home app for remote monitoring using a Bluetooth connection.

Greenworks 40V Portable Power Station

This power inverter retails for $599.99 as a bare tool and $799.99 as a kit including four 4.0Ah batteries. Greenworks backs your purchase with a 3-year warranty on both the tool and the batteries.

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