Greenworks Commercial OptimusMC Mobile Power Station

reenworks OptimusMC Trailer

The Greenworks Commercial OptimusMC Trailer Gives Your Crew All-Day Power

One of the biggest challenges facing lawn care Pros who want to go electric is finding the all-day power to service all of your clients. Greenworks Commercial hopes to come to the rescue with the OptimusMC mobile power station. We wanted to know how this mobile power station would help crews make the transition to battery power.

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Greenworks Commercial OptimusMC: The Big Deal

reenworks OptimusMC Trailer

Greenworks Commercial designed the OptimusMC to be a one-stop charging port for all of your lawn care tools. It’s essentially a battery-powered trailer featuring a 26kW battery that runs power throughout the trailer.

This 20-foot trailer has enough room to fit 3 Greenworks OptimusZ zero-turn mowers and charges them while you store them or while in transit.

It also has 18 temperature-controlled battery ports that charge handheld batteries at up to 10A each. Additionally, you have four 20A 120V AC power outlets throughout the trailer.


In total, you can expect to charge:

  • 25+ battery-powered tools
  • Up to 36 handheld batteries
  • Up to 3 full-size Greenworks ride-on mowers

To charge the trailer, simply plug it into any electric vehicle charging station. The OptimusMC accepts Level 1 or Level 2 EV charging. You have the option for additional 3000W roof-mounted solar panels to keep the battery topped up as well.

Accessibility And Security

You and your crew can enter the OptimusMC using a keyless entry system, featuring smart electronic locks. You can also set personalized key codes on the Greenworks Fleet Connect app.

As you can expect, Greenworks Commercial wanted to employ security measures to keep your tools and trailer safe from wandering eyes. The trailer features a GPS connection that gives managers full visibility of their crew with real-time metrics via the Greenworks Fleet Connect app.

It also uses Green Shield theft protection, a security system with an HD camera, and exterior deterrent lights to keep your tools and equipment safe.

Greenworks Commercial OptimusMC Price

This trailer was just announced at Equip Expo 2022, with an expected release date in late 2023. As of the time of writing, there is no official price listed, but keep an eye out for an update closer to the official release.

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