Hart Cordless 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench Review

HART Cordless 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench

HART Gives Their Cordless 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench The Brushless Motor Upgrade

HART is expanding its line of garage-focused tools that aim to provide ample power and performance for weekend warriors. Today, our focus is on the HART Cordless 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench that offers improved torque and ergonomics, all without the hassle of pesky air hoses and compressors.

HART Cordless 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench Performance

  • No-Load Speed: 0-1000/2000/2800 RPM
  • Impact Rate: 0-3200 IPM
  • Max Torque: 600 ft-lbs. (breakaway), 475 ft-lbs. (fastening)
  • Motor Type: Brushless

HART’s latest 1/2-inch impact wrench features a brushless motor and falls nicely in the mid-torque category. It is equipped with three speed modes that range from 0 to 2800 RPMs with a max impact rate of 3200 impacts per minute.

HART Cordless 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench

Right out of the gate, this brushless impact wrench has noticeably more power than its brushed predecessor. Its 600 ft-lbs of breakaway torque are a big improvement compared to 350 ft-lbs from the HART HPIW01. When it comes to fastening torque, you have 475 ft-lbs to work with.

With this kind of power, stubborn lugnuts and rusted bolts are no problem. One thing to keep in mind is the dangers of overtightening nuts and bolts. Unlike some of the high-end models, HART doesn’t include any kind of assist modes that help to prevent damaging threads or fasteners. With that said, our recommendation is to keep your trusty torque wrench on hand for precision torque applications.

HART Cordless 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench Design

  • Model: HART HPIW25
  • Power Source: HART 20V battery
  • Anvil Type: Friction Ring
  • Anvil Size: 1/2-inch
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs. (bare), 4.5 lbs. (with 2.0Ah battery), 5.0 lbs. (with 4.0Ah battery)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 7.5 x 3.0 x 10.25 in.
HART Cordless 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench

The overall look and feel of this impact wrench are pretty favorable. The handle is definitely on the beefier side but it contours nicely to my medium-sized hands. It features a textured rubber overmold that really helps you to maintain a secure hold on the tool, even while wearing work gloves.

This impact wrench clocks in at 3.6 pounds as a bare tool and 5 pounds, even, with a 4.0Ah battery in place. That’s slightly less than average for mid-torque models. From tip to tail, the HART HPIW25 measures 7-1/2 inches and stands 10-1/4 inches tall, including the battery.

HART Cordless 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench

One big positive aspect of this impact wrench is the weight distribution. It isn’t overly top or bottom-heavy and this balance helps to reduce fatigue.

Additional Features

  • Compatible with all HART 20V batteries
  • LED work light

HART Cordless 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench Price

This cordless impact wrench retails for $169 as a bare tool. It comes with HART’s 3-year limited warranty. At the time we’re writing this, there isn’t a kit option available but we do expect HART will release one that will include a 4.0Ah battery and charge. We’ll check back periodically and update this article with that information when it’s available.

The Bottom Line

If you’re shopping for a new impact wrench in the mid-torque range, make sure you check out the HART Cordless 1/2-inch Impact Wrench. It delivers competitive power while maintaining a reasonable size and weight, plus, the price tag is pretty hard to ignore.

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