HeyBike Horizon Electric Bike Review

HeyBike Horizon Electric Bike

As a former Ironman triathlete and current cycling enthusiast, I enjoy riding bikes. Even when it’s not about burning calories, a bike is a great way to get around downtown or travel relatively short distances. On the commuter side of the ebike industry, the HeyBike Horizon electric bike has some intriguing characteristics that may be exactly what you’re looking for.


  • Strong brushless motor
  • Full suspension
  • Folding frame
  • Includes everything you need to get started except a helmet
  • Excellent value


  • Features aren’t as refined as more expensive models

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Riding the HeyBike Horizon Electric Bike

HeyBike Horizon Electric Bike


The Horizon is a commuter/cruiser model that combines several features that combined, set it apart. It’s folding step-through electric bike with a full suspension. A quick look around the ebike landscape will show you that it’s a rare combination.

Like most bikes with a front suspension, you can lock out the front fork and adjust the level of shock absorption to deal with different terrain types or even riding on pavement.

Suspension Adjustment and Lockout

The tires are 4 inches wide and 24 inches in diameter. That’s wide enough for all-terrain use, though the wheels are a smaller diameter than you find on a mountain bike.

4 x 24-inch wheels

The overall rider posture is very upright compared to bike geometries geared toward performance. Combined with the wide tires, full suspension, and a cushy saddle, the Horizon has a very comfortable ride. If you’re used to a performance geometry like my son (featured in the photos) and I am, the shift in weight takes a little getting used to.

Overall, this is a 79.4-pound bike with the battery installed. It’s a full aluminum construction with a 7-speed rear cassette and single front chainring that can support up to 330 pounds (bicycle, rider and gear).

Keep that weight in mind as you consider the folding function. This isn’t the kind of lightweight folding bike that’s so popular in Europe that folks hike up the stairs to keep in their cubicle. However, it is a nice space-saver in your garage or for transport in the back of your truck.


As a combination commuter and cruiser, the Horizon is perfect for casual riding to work or the store, or two-wheel site-seeing on most terrains. With a 1200W brushless rear hub motor, it can easily handle hilly terrain noticably better than electric bikes with smaller motors. The difference in strength was obvious testing side-by-side with a 750W model. The Horizon’s initial accereration was a but jumpier but able to maintain its speed better on hills.

HeyBike Horizon Electric Bike Brushless Motor

Battery-Powered Speed

HeyBike Horizon Electric Bike

If you’re new to the world of e-bikes, they’re more approachable than you might think. Despite the weight, anyone who knows how to ride a bike can get used to the weight, controls, and steering in about 15 – 30 mintues, depending on your experience level. In fact, my wife said the weight and wide 4-inch tires on her ebike make her feel more stable than when she’s on her mountain bike.

Once you’re comfortable, it’s only a matter of dialing in how much pedal assist you’d like.

The HeyBike Horizon is a Class 3 electric bike. With no help from you, it tops out at 20 MPH using just the throttle. When you want to help out, the pedal assist can get you up to 28 MPH. As with any electric-assisted vehicle, check your local laws to know where you can legally ride.

The battery is a 48V, 14.4Ah pack with a total of 692Wh of capacity. That’s going to get you up to 55 miles of range. You can charge the battery on or off the bike, and you need a key to remove the battery. For a fully depleted battery, the charger needs about 3 hours to get back up to full.


The battery chemistry HeyBike uses has an expected life cycle of 600 charges before it degrades to 80% capacity. That’s pretty standard for these large battery packs on ebikes in this price range. If you’d like a spare battery to extend your range or to cycle between packs, you can order it on HeyBike’s website.

HeyBike Horizon Electric Bike Accessories

The bike comes with a nice array of accessories that gives you everything you need to get started. There are front and rear fenders, plus a rear rack that’s great for holding your gear as you cruise around.

Electrically, you have a front LED headlight, rear brake lights, and even turn signals. An adjustable front display keeps you up to date on your current mode, speed, distance, and battery levels at a glance.

HeyBike Horizon Electric Bike LCD Screen

Platform pedals come with it, and you can switch those out for clipless or rat cages if you prefer. However, the casual nature of riding the Horizon means the stock pedals are a great fit.

HeyBike includes all the tools you need to assemble and adjust the bike. Assembling the bike takes about an hour (less if you’re used to bike assembly). Give yourself some time and space to get it set up, and be sure to check out the assembly video for assistance. The only thing I ran into was that both of the brake discs has a slight rub to them, and I needed to calibate those. Check out this video to see how it’s done.

Without having to buy any additional accessories or tools (except a helmet), the HeyBike Horizon has you ready to ride, day or night.

Additional Highlights

  • 7-speed rear shifter
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • 24 x 4-inch tires

HeyBike Horizon Electric Bike Price

The regular price is $1999, but a price drop has this model at $1499 at the time we’re writing. That’s an attractive price considering the performance and features. You can buy it direct from HeyBike or at Amazon. The bike has a 1-year warranty, and HeyBike offers free shipping and a 30-day return window. They also have an accident protection plan you can add on for 1 – 3 years for an additional charge.

This is a limited edition ebike, and there’s only 500 available. Well, 499 since we got one. If this model floats your boat (or pedals your bike), be sure to take advantage of the opportunity.

HeyBike offers a ton of accessories to customize your ebike as well. There are locks, pannier bags, baskets, and much more —even a pet carrier! Be sure to check those out here.

The Bottom Line

The HeyBike Horizon is an excellent choice as a comfortable communter or cruiser electric bike. I’m impressed with the strength of the motor, and that makes it a great option for hilly terrain. While it doesn’t have all the refinemnt and features of more expensive options, it’s a solid entry-level pick that’s a lot of fun to ride.

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