Honda Exiting Gas Lawn Mower Market

Honda Exiting Gas Lawn Mower Market

As our team is putting together our best lawn mower for the year, it’s with a hint of sadness as Honda is exiting the gas lawn mower market. There hasn’t been a time we haven’t recommended Honda lawn mowers and its commercial HRC series has been our top selection for self-propelled models for the past several years. While we’re genuinely disappointed to see them go, it’s not completely over, though.

When is Honda Exiting the Gas Lawn Mower Market?

Back in October 2022, Honda sent out a notice through its dealer network that it would cease manufacturing gas lawn mowers beginning in September 2023. It plans to continue selling the units through 2024 until they are gone.

Why is Honda Exiting the Gas Lawn Mower Market?

Like many manufacturers, the pandemic certainly took its toll on Honda’s ability to keep production rolling. Disruption in parts supply forced Honda to temporarily halt production in March 2020 at its highest-volume plants in Swepsonville, North Carolina.

That was two and a half years before this announcement, though. While there are still supply issues across many industries, outdoor power equipment is in a different state than many products. The accelerating growth of battery-powered lawn care equipment for both homeowners and professionals is most certainly part of the conversation. That shift in what consumers want and Honda’s ability to maintain profitability in this sector are contributors as well.

Statement From Honda Power Equipment

“The decision to end lawn mower production is driven by market forces such as stricter environmental regulations, shifting customer preferences, and our focus on growing profitable products in our portfolio. Honda will continue to sell the remainder of its lawn and garden product line and industrial-type power products such as GX engines, generators, and water pumps, and continue to support its service and parts operations in the U.S. market.”

Statement on Honda dealer Interactive Network

Consequences of Honda Exiting the Gas Lawn Mower Market

Notably, Honda hasn’t come out with a battery-powered platform the way most of its competition has. Does this mean that Honda is completely done with lawn mowers? There’s no telling for now.

What we do know is that Honda has made some of the best gas-powered lawn mowers available. It goes beyond its legendary small engines and includes designs that have been field tested and proven for longer than some brands have even been in existence.

That said, I’m hopeful we’ll see Honda return in some form. The industry will continue even if Honda chooses not to. And keep in mind that it’s a massive company run by people that are highly intelligent. If it makes sense for them to re-enter the market, I’d place my money on the products being excellent and continuing its legacy of high-quality, dependable equipment.

Of course, other brands will still offer lawn mowers with Honda engines. As long as the rest of the build can keep up, the reliability of Honda will continue to be available as a power plant.

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