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Honda Introduces More Powerful GC Series Engines

Honda Engines Get an Upgrade

Honda engines and pressure washers have been a winning combination for years. But now, Honda has announced the release of two new engines suitable for pressure washers and lawnmowers: the GCV170 and GCV200. These Honda Pressure Washer engines join the GC Series and are designed for high-end residential pressure washer applications.


Honda GC Series Engines

The Honda GCV170 replaces the GCV160 while the GCV200 replaces the GCV190. Both upgrades provide more torque and more power for—among other things—residential pressure washers and lawn mowers.

Both of the new Honda engines feature an improved combustion chamber shape and an advanced auto-choke design with an integrated Fuel Off position to make operation simpler. They also include bigger fuel tanks with easier fueling.

Honda GCV200 engine

Both the GCV170 and GCV200 feature Honda’s CycloFlow design. This feature strengthens turbulence in the cylinder and provides more stable combustion. It results in greater resistance to low-quality fuel and easier startup with a smoother idle.

Even adding these improvements, the new Honda GC Series engines claim a more streamlined and compact design than other engines in the same class.


Honda GC Series Engine Specs

Engine ModelGCV170GCV200
Engine TypeAir-cooled 4-stroke single cylinder gasoline engine (OHV)Air-cooled 4-stroke single cylinder gasoline engine (OHV)
Bore x Stroke (mm)60 x 5966 x 59
Total Displacement (cm3)166201
Maximum Power Output* (hp /rpm)4.8 / 3,6005.6 / 3,600
Maximum Torque (lb ft /rpm)8.2/ 2,5009.4 / 2,500
Compression Ratio8.0:18.0:1
CarburetorHorizontal type butterfly valveHorizontal type butterfly valve
Ignition SystemTransistorized magnetoTransistorized magneto
Starting SystemRecoilRecoil
Speed Control SystemMechanicalMechanical
Choke TypeAutomaticAutomatic
Lubrication SystemForced sprayForced spray
Governor SystemCentrifugal flyweight typeCentrifugal flyweight type
Air CleanerDry (paper filter)Dry (paper filter)
Length x Width x Height** (inches)16.34 x 12.99 x 13.1116.34 x 12.99 x 13.11
Engine Oil Reserve Capacity (qt)0.420.42
Fuel Tank Capacity (gal)0.240.24
FuelAutomotive grade unleaded gasolineAutomotive grade unleaded gasoline
Dry Weight (lbs.)22.322.3

Our Thoughts

Honda engines represent a sort of high-end solution for pressure washers, push lawnmowers, and more. With the company continuing to improve their designs, this can only result in better performance and efficiencies. It stands to help professional consumers get more performance for their landscaping, painting, and other businesses.

In particular, we like that the new GCV170 delivers 9% more power and 18% more torque than the Honda GCV160 engine. This helps tools like newer Honda HRN Series lawn mowers deliver more power and torque when cutting, mulching, and bagging.

For premium residential pressure washers, you get increased displacement for higher PSIs at greater efficiencies. On a pressure washer, the pump matters—but the engine provides the raw power. These models look to improve everything that matters.

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