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How Coronavirus is Affecting the Trades | PTR Nation

There’s no doubt that coronavirus has impacted every single one of us. Some to a greater degree than others. Part of it depends on what state you live in. Part depends on whether you’re a parent or caretaker for a family member. And there are many other factors affecting how coronavirus is affecting the trades.

We reached out on Facebook and Instagram to ask how you, the tradesmen and tool users that keep us going, have been affected by coronavirus in your own words.


How Coronavirus is Affecting the Trades: In Your Own Words

“Working full capacity.”

— @305nd239, Southwest Florida

Home Depot is the only frustrating part. They’re enforcing the masks but not at the same time allowing non essential personnel in their stores. Im killing hours of the work day waiting on line with people getting a bag a grass seed or mulch.”

— @currericonstruction, General Construction in northern New Jersey

We are not able to do any non emergency work and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to preform any work as the public is so opposed to anyone being out during the pandemic. Our company’s young and healthy employees have been volunteering to pick up and deliver groceries, prescriptions and other necessities to older or immune compromised individuals which has been very well received in our area!”

— @mflyingsaucer, Residential Exterior Construction

Working overtime!!!”

— @highvolt882017, Central Indiana

Still up and running.”

— @mopar4wd, Defense Construction

Things have actually gotten a little busy after all this but getting parts is getting really hard.”

— @dylanklaas, Diesel Mechanic in Northern Ohio

“We specialize in exterior remodeling but also like to do bathrooms and kitchens. Our whole state is shut down per the governors order and we are one of the only states where construction is considered non-essential. We haven’t been able to work, with the exception of emergency repairs, since March 20th. On one hand it’s been nice to slow down, regroup, prioritize, and work on building the business to the next level. On the other hand, we would all like to get back to work and keep delivering our best to our customers.”

— @targetedconstruction, Exterior Remodeling in Pennsylvania

“Work hasn’t changed one bit. Full steam ahead. Although guys are taking advantage of how easy it is to call in sick.”

— @parkerthiessen, Electrician in Canada

 “Manufacturing plant got 9+ cases. So they closing for the next 5 days. Hopefully not closed for to[o] long.”

— @gabevalen_, Maintenance Mechanic in Chicago

“Site Carpenter for a high-end residential / commercial design/build co. Folks who can are still working where possible. I’m marooned on child-care island. My house is getting lots of love though. Tools all sharpened & organized. Miss working though.”

— @jetrell, Site Carpenter
Been laid off for 5 weeks so far due to Covid-19. All our jobs are shut down by the union/local building commission. Putting a deck on my house now and taking care of the yard work.”

— @heavyv1201, Interior Drywall/Framing Lead Carpenter Foreman in Boston

Wearing masks and gloves in clients homes – quarantined 14 before getting started when things first locked down just to be safe with our team and clients. HD is operating like a cesspool for sure though :( “

— @robustrusty, Remodeler in Milwaukee

 “Today are our sales are mainly to professional trades and because you guys are stood down then so are we 😔😔 This sucks big time but hope you guys are all safe and well 👊👊 “

— @mark.spree, Redbacks Cushioning Sales


Oklahoma City didn’t skip a beat”

— @unclejessup, Oklahoma City

 “Been building houses every day for five years until now. Anyone hiring?”

— @sonflowersauce

Still going hard everyday. Laid off the company proclaimed non-essential (inexperienced) guys and kept on keeping on. Trying to milk the house we’re framing just in case we get shut down.”

— @constintineau_the_carpenter, Custom Framing

Just working in shop building cabinets here in N.C.”

— @kentthompson1, Cabinetmaker

Thanks to everyone who responded! We weren’t able to get everyone’s comments in this article, but we read every single one. The good news is it seems like we’re getting over the hump and things are starting to move again. Stay strong – we’re in this together!

We want to know how you’re doing. Let us know how things are in your area, what trade you’re in, and where you’re from in the comments below!

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Here in Maryland, as far as I can tell, construction and landscaping has continued as usual. I’m sure going to Home Depot for supplies as sucked though. There always seems to be a line outside due to the new limits.