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Husky Utility Knife Multi-Pack Sets

Husky multi-color razor knives

Husky, the Home Depot house brand, has some very nice value-oriented knife packages. With their value pricing, the Husky utility knife Multi-Color 5-pack set gives you a knife for every room in your house…or your car…or your shed. You can carry one around with you or store one on your boat. If you’ve got $20 burning a hole in your pocket, it’s going to be hard to walk by the aisle with these options staring you in the face.

Editor’s Note: Check out our best utility knife article for our top picks in this category.

Husky Utility Knife Colors and Options

Husky utility knife sets come with utility knives in single and 3-pack options (sometimes more). We’ve seen up to five colors including Black, Red, Silver, Blue, and Orange. With the notable exception of green, you can combine them to make about 80% of all NFL or college teams’ colors!

Most packages come with three to five knives. They also have models with reduced sizing for carrying in your pocket or placing in a glove compartment. Just don’t take them with you to the airport as they aren’t TSA approved tools. If you want that, hold out for the Leatherman Tread multi-tool bracelet.

Husky Utility Knife Multi-Pack Sets

Husky Utility Knives – Always Sharp Blades

The blades on these knives will always be sharp. You just replace them to once again have a knife at 100% cutting capacity. Replacing blades is simple, in fact. You just push up on the blade release lever located just behind the blade. It’s easy…too easy, in fact. We could see this possibly becoming a problem when sliding into stiff packaging or other materials that might accidentally trigger the release lever when you don’t want it to. There are better systems available (check out the Milwaukee Fastback II utility knife), but it will cost more. If you’re careful, this may not be a significant problem.

Husky Utility Knives 3-Pack Set

The handle on most of the Husky utility knives we’ve used is ribbed. It keeps your hand from slipping during use. It also keeps the blade from swinging out when you unlock it with the button at the hinge point of the knife. The finish on every Husky metal-handled knife features anodized aluminum. That means it shouldn’t wear out like a painted finish. Expect the bare aluminum to show through if and when the handles get scratched deep enough.

There is some stiff competition in this tool category, but you can find multi-packs of Husky utility knives and knife sets for well under $20. It makes for a very compelling buy…or gift!

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