Husqvarna 40V Battery-Powered Hedge Master

Husqvarna Hedge Master Helps Homeowners Handle Their Hedges

Husqvarna has been expanding its residential-focused OPE lineup and this round of products includes the Hedge Master 40V hedge trimmer. This battery-powered tool challenges the notion that homeowners have to sacrifice performance for value. We’re looking at what it has to offer the residential market and how it can help you whip your yard back into shape.

Husqvarna Hedge Master Performance

Husqvarna Hedge Master
    • Model: Husqvarna 320iHD60
    • 24-inch blade length
    • 1-inch cutting capacity
    • Brushless motor
    • 3800 SPM cutting speed
    • Active cooling system

    The Husqvarna 320iHD60 hedge trimmer has a 24-inch blade length and can clear branches up to 1 inch thick. It uses a brushless motor to deliver up to 3800 SPM of cutting speed. The Hedge Master also features an active cooling system to enhance performance and provide a longer battery life.

    Husqvarna Hedge Master Design

    Husqvarna Hedge Trimmer
    • Weight: 8.42 pounds (bare)
    • Tri-handle grips provide more reach for a variety of cutting positions
    • Un-jam button opens the blades for easy clearing
    • Removable clean sweeper
    • Compatible with all Husqvarna batteries

    The Husqvarna Hedge Master has a bare weight of 8.42 pounds. When you add the 4.0Ah battery included with the kit, it brings the weight up to 11.07 pounds. If you go the bare tool route, you can use any Husqvarna battery for power— if you want a lighter weight, consider one of Husqvarna’s smaller-capacity batteries. Vise-versa for a larger-capacity battery, which will give you more runtime.

    This hedge trimmer also features a tri-handle grip design that helps you use it in a variety of cutting positions. It includes a removable clean sweeper that helps brush aside branches as you cut and leaves you with a cleaner finish.

    Additionally, the 320iHD60 offers an Un-jam button that opens the blades for easy clearing if branches happen to get stuck in the knives.

    Husqvarna Hedge Master Price

    This hedge trimmer is available exclusively at Lowe’s. You can find the bare tool for $229 and the kit, which includes a 4.0Ah battery and charger, for just $70 more at $299. Husqvarna backs your purchase with a 3-year warranty.

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