Husqvarna Power Axe 350i Battery-Powered Chainsaw

Husqvarna Power Axe 350i Battery-Powered Chainsaw

Husqvarna Launches First Cordless 18-Inch Chainsaw

Looking back nearly a decade, Husqvarna made the first battery-powered chainsaw I ever used. While it exceeded my expectations back then, the industry has come a long way. Today, we’re taking a closer look at the Husqvarna Power Axe 350i battery-powered chainsaw that marks a first for the brand.

Husqvarna Power Axe 350i Battery-Powered Chainsaw Performance

  • Brushless motor
  • 18-inch bar
  • 3/8-inch gauge x 0.050-inch chain (S93G)
  • Boost function
  • 11.8 m/s (38.7 fps) max chain speed (9.4 m/s / 30.8 fps in standard mode)
  • 91 decibels at the operator’s ear (102 guaranteed decibels)
  • 2.6 m/s² front handle vibration
  • 3.7 m/s² rear handle vibration

The 350i is Husqvarna’s first 18-inch cordless chainsaw and it is part of its residential line. Pros will need to be patient a little longer to move into this bar class (we’re betting it won’t be long, though).

The saw has a brushless motor and it uses the beefier 0.050-inch chain rather than the 0.043-inch thin kerf that lower-powered models use and you can expect confident cutting from the motor. If you opt to purchase the kit, the 7.7Ah battery that comes with it offers a sizeable capacity to keep your runtime numbers up.

This model includes a boost function that you engage by pressing a button right next to the power button. When you’re making tougher cuts, kick boost mode in to draw additional power from the motor. It’s tempting to cut in that higher power mode all the time, but keep in mind it does reduce your runtime.

Husqvarna Power Axe 350i Battery-Powered Chainsaw Design Notes

Husqvarna Power Axe 350i Battery-Powered Chainsaw
  • Tool-free chain tensioning
  • Automatic oiling
  • Translucent 8-ounce oil reservoir
  • Metal bucking spikes
  • Chain brake
  • 7.7-pound power head
  • 13.6 pounds with cutting equipment and battery

As we expect from residential-level chainsaws, the Power Axe is a rear-handle design with a very natural two-stage trigger that’s easy to use. There’s also an electronic power button you need to press to activate the saw.

It has completely tool-free chain tensioning. Flip the cover knob cap up, loosen it a little, and then turn the chain tensioning dial to tighten or loosen the chain. Tighten the cover knob back down and you’re done.

For a cordless 18-inch chainsaw, the weight is very manageable. With the battery installed, you’re looking at a working weight under 14 pounds. That’s a couple of pounds lighter than some of its competitors we’ve tested.

Husqvarna Power Axe 350i Battery-Powered Chainsaw Price

  • $279.99 bare
  • $449.99 kit
  • 3-year warranty

As a bare tool, the saw is $279.99. The kit includes a 7.7Ah BLi30 battery and charger for $449.99. The 18-inch bar is the only option available for this model. Note that this saw is a Lowe’s exclusive product, so you won’t find it at other Husqvarna retailers.

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