Husqvarna’s Beastly 94V K1 Pace Power Cutter – Video

Husqvarna's Beastly 94V Battery-Powered Power Cutter - Video

The equation is simple: volts x amps = watts. Engineering a system to get the power you need to legitimately replace a gas engine is not so simple. So when Husqvarna Construction turned its attention to a battery-powered power cutter and other equipment, the design team developed a 94V battery platform to power it.

Husqvarna K1 Pace Power Cutter Specifications

  • Blade Diameter: 12-inch or 14-inch
  • Cutting Depth: 4.76/5.70 inches
  • Speed: 11,600 FPM (both models)
  • Weight: 15.9/16.3 pounds
  • Price: $1546 – 1657 bare, $3204 – $3314 kit

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