IKEA FIXA Screwdriver Drill Review

IKEA FIXA Screwdriver Drill Review

When we saw an IKEA-branded drill we simply had to get it. Featuring a soft synthetic rubber skin, the 7.2V 1.5Ah IKEA FIXA screwdriver won’t punch through concrete. And while it won’t stand up to high-torque loads, it will help assemble those new decorative shelves you bought. With IKEA as the brand and the fact that it came in a decorative orange and white plastic case, we weren’t hoping this drill would win any awards for power. We just hoped it would offer a decent value for $28 (and wouldn’t burn up on the first job). As it turns out, this drill isn’t anything special. It might, however, make a nice gift for someone who values form over function.

Build Quality and Design

The IKEA FIXA 7.2V screwdriver/drill has the shape of older drills. It has that angled-up nose that lets it stand upright on a table. Modern drills have eased the weight back over the handle. This restores a more perpendicular angle to the tools. In either case, what gets you immediately is the baby-smooth synthetic rubber coating. It covers everything but the chuck of the drill. We’ve seen this coating before and know that it will rub off over time, probably sooner than later. Of course, with a 7.2V tool with a non-removable battery, perhaps a couple of years is the expected lifespan regardless.

This is a drill, so you can insert any standard bit up to 3/8″ in diameter. There is no bit holder, just a forward/reverse button, and the trigger. Speed is variable and tops out at around 400 RPM. The battery integrates into the handle. To recharge the drill, plug in the included 300mA, 9V charger. It recharges the battery in approximately 3 days (give or take a week). OK, it’s not that bad, but this is no quick charger.

IKEA FIXA Screwdriver Drill

The included case is nice, but something you definitely want to store in an interior closet as opposed to something that should be able to endure rougher use. It doesn’t “protect” the tool, so much as it “coddles” it like a sleeping child. Yes, it’s kind of a tool cradle. Within, you’ll find the tool, charging adapter and a row of 10 assorted bits which include Phillips, flat, and hex heads. The 1″ bits require the use of the also-included bit holder. There are also two drill bits included (3mm and 5mm) which look suitable for tasks like installing drywall anchors and other similar jobs.

IKEA FIXA Screwdriver Testing and Use

We managed to find a “similar job” that was manly enough for the IKEA drill: removing a car stereo. We had just installed the stereo as part of a Mother’s Day present (no, seriously, she wanted it… nevermind). In either case, we accidentally wired up the GPS power to the illumination. This wouldn’t be a problem is we only wanted to know where we were going when it was dark out and the lights were on, but it wasn’t so great for daytime driving. Off came the radio shroud…

The IKEA FIXA screwdriver was adept at driving and removing screws. For this type of work, it was a great solution. Grab the drill, insert the bit, go to work. The drill, in being an inexpensive product, isn’t very compact, however, so fitting it into tighter spaces is a bit of a chore.

I have several 12V tools and even an 18V tool that is shorter than the IKEA. That’s not to say that it’s overly large, but given the low torque and speed, we would have loved the tool to reflect a shorter length to make it even more useful for cramped locations (like our car). One thing we do like about the tool is its low RPMs. With a maximum speed of 400 RPM, you aren’t going to lose control over your project and you can really finesse more delicate screws, such as those found on door or cabinet hinges. For an around-the-house tool, this is actually an asset over grabbing something that may be overpowered for the application.

IKEA FIXA Screwdriver Drill car stereo

Recharging the IKEA FIXA Screwdriver Drill

Recharging was very straightforward, though wall warts always seem to make for awkward chargers, The idea here is that you leave the power supply plugged in somewhere and just grab the power tail and plug it into the base of the drill when it needs charging. IKEA included no battery level gauge on this drill. You just use the FIXA screwdriver until it dies—and then wait forever until it’s charged. Of course, since it’s Lithium-ion, you can always grab it mid-charge and complete the job without too much fear of the battery getting a memory effect. IKEA claims you’ll get around 500 charges on the battery. Typically, that’s inclusive of partial or full charges.


The IKEA FIXA screwdriver drill is great because it makes for a neat gift. It’s inexpensive, gimmicky, and has that cool look to it when you gaze upon its orange-and-white packaging. It’s also kind of bulky, the rubber overcoat will rub off after several uses, and it takes a long time to recharge. But so what. It’s not a DeWalt 8V Gyroscopic screwdriver. It operated more like the Black and Decker 4V Max Pivot Screwdriver…without the pivot.

This isn’t an expensive tool so much as an occasional use household item. At that, it excels—particularly given its decent ergonomics. Most light-duty tool users I know would find the idea of an IKEA drill to be somewhat appealing. In fact, if you’re ever buying someone a set of IKEA shelves or some other furniture in need of assembly, the company has priced this tool low enough to be included in the gift. As far as marketing goes, a $28 “disposable” 7.2V drill is a GREAT idea. Enjoy this tool for what it is, and you probably won’t be disappointed.

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As the batteries inside this tool are plain old 18650’s don’t throw it away when it stops holding a charge but put in some new ones or a couple salvaged from an old laptop battery pack. As long as the salvaged batteries measure around + 3 volts they will work. I used two 2200 mAh ones instead of the 1500 mAh’s ikea put in there and get even more use out of a single charge now. Remove all screws, cut the wires to the cells and solder in the new ones observing polarity. Yes you really can solder wires to… Read more »


because he said “manly”? I had to read it 3 times to try to find what was sexist… reads more like it was meant to be ironic than a dogwhistle for the patriarchy…


thank goodness I found this review. I wanted to know how this drill was and now I know it’s okay to purchase because it’s great for females.

Don B

How in the heck do I find a replacement battery pack for the 7.2v drill!!!!

Sparky W

Seen a later model -same appearance –
FixA 14.4V 1.3Ah , dual speed gearing .
They last longer if you don’t do sudden STOPs !

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