Inertia Torque Impact Tool Torque Tester Review L-1000

Inertia Torque Impact Torque Tester L-1000

Inertia Torque Offers Reliable Torque Testing For Impact Tools

One of the greatest challenges we’ve come across is reliably measuring torque on our impact tools. It’s not just us, though. Plenty of businesses can benefit from knowing exactly how much torque their impact tools generate. We got our hands on the Inertia Torque Impact Torque Tester to see how it can help us provide better testing and you have greater confidence.

Using the Intertia Torque Impact Tool Torque Tester

Installation and Setup

Before you get started testing impact torque, you need a spot to install the L-1000 and it needs to be solid. We recommend adding the steel mount to give you perfect mounting holes and a stable foundation, especially if you need to install it on a wood bench as we did.

Inertia Torque Impact Tool Torque Tester Mounting Plate

You can choose one of three square drive adapters to go with your unit: 3/8, 1/2, or 3/4-inch. You can pick up additional sizes or spares for $125 each. Installing them is simple using a hex key to work the set screw that holds them in place. Our set screw operated a little tighter than we expected, but it was very obvious when it seated the adapter correctly.

Inertia Torque Impact Tool Torque Tester Drive Adapters

What we love about the adapter-based design is that it eliminates the need for test bolts.

We chose the model that comes with a digital gauge and highly recommend spending the extra to get it. It’s much easier to see exact numbers and the backlight helps if you’re in lower light. A USB-rechargeable battery powers the gauge.

Digital Gauge

Testing Torque

Since the Inertia Torque impact tool torque tester arrived, we’ve run quite a few tests to determine how repeatable it is along with the best test methods. The torque measures in real-time, so it’s easy to adjust if your needs are different than ours.

That said, hitting the trigger for four 5-second bursts with 3 seconds of rest between each one gave us stable top-end torque values. It’s a tough test and some motors get pretty warm, so be sure to give the tool plenty of cool-down time if you’re running multiple tests.

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For the models we’ve tested so far, our top-end torque values have run between 65% and 85% of what the specifications rate each impact wrench for. Impact drivers are further away because of how much force the square adapters absorb.

Inertia Torque Impact Tool Torque Tester

What’s exciting is that when we run multiple tests, our results are within the 1% accuracy rating Inertia Torque claims. Plus, we’re able to get values in every mode, including any assist modes. Even better, the unit measures torque accurately in forward and reverse!

One thing to keep an eye on is the upper torque limit of 1000 ft-lbs. There are high-torque impact wrenches that can easily exceed that limit.


The L-1000 does require maintenance, but it’s pretty simple. Just send it in once a year for calibration and they’ll check the grease levels and other maintenance concerns at the same time. The only downside is the unit is heavy, so shipping back and forth is going to ding your wallet a bit.

The calibration cost is $100 and you can expect the turnaround to be 2 – 3 days.

Intertia Torque Impact Tool Torque Tester Applications

Our main purpose in using the L-1000 is to give you the best possible information when you’re comparing or considering impact tools. That’s not most people, though. Here are some reasons you might want to order one:

  • Track torque degradation and determine when to take a tool out of service for maintenance or replacement
  • Know how much force each mode on an impact tool delivers and avoid over-torquing fasteners
  • Implement testing protocols that inspire confidence in the tools you’re using
  • Save time and money by testing tools in-house

Intertia Torque Impact Tool Torque Tester Price

You can order the L-1000 with a digital gauge and adapter size of your choice directly from Inertia Torque for $1500. It’s also available with a standard gauge for $1250. Additional adapters are $125 each and the steel mount is $200. A set of four mounting plate screws is $20.

If you want it all, you can get it. With the standard gauge, mounting plate, and all three adapter sizes, the kit is $1825. You can swap out for the digital gauge and it’s $2075.

Is Intertia Torque a Good Brand?

Never heard of Inertia Torque? You’re not alone! They’re a company attached to Skidmore-Wilhelm—the company responsible for other power tool torque testing instruments. They know what they’re doing and we have the highest confidence in their team.

The Bottom Line

The Inertia Torque impact torque tester has completely transformed the way we test impact drivers and impact wrenches. We get accurate, repeatable readings of how much torque each setting produces, giving us much more confidence when we’re working with delicate materials or determining when to take a tool out of service. If having that data is critical to your operations, the L-1000 is well worth the price.


  • Model: Inertia Torque L-1000
  • Available Drive Adapters: 3/8, 1/2, and 3/4-inch
  • Max Torque: 1000 ft-lbs
  • Accuracy: ±1%

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