John Deere Fastback PRO Rear-Discharge Mower Deck

John Deere Fastback

Fastback Pro Mower Deck Enhances Productivity and Performance

Available now for the gas and diesel line of Z900 ZTrak mowers, the John Deere Fastback Pro mower deck gives you a rear-discharge solution for efficient, productive lawncare.

John Deere Fastback PRO Cutting Deck

  • Available for Z900 ZTrak mowers
  • 60″ or 72″ cutting widths
  • Reinforced deep-deck design
  • Baffling system reduces clumping and windrowing
  • Clippings are directed to the rear, kept low, and guided into the turf by the flexible rear shield
  • Includes deck wheels and rollers to minimize scalping
  • Adjustable cut height between 1 and 5.5 in.
  • Blades powered by universal joint shaft drive
  • Single belt is easy to access

Rear-Discharge Solutions for Pros

The John Deere Fastback PRO mower deck expands the brand’s commercial mowing lineup with a deck that gives you a rear-discharge solution. This design and discharge scheme decreases the chance of damaging nearby objects. And, because the design of the deck minimizes the amount of debris blown onto the operator, users get a much cleaner mowing experience. The rear-discharge setup also lets you mow more closely around stationary objects on either side of the deck, increasing efficiency.

How does the John Deere Fastback PRO manage all of this? They reinforce the deep-deck while a baffling system that surrounds the blades. This reduces clumping and windrowing while directing clippings toward the rear exit. They lower at the back, and along with the flexible rear shield, keep the ejecting clippings low. This minimizes the chances of launching debris into unwanted areas.

Getting an Even Cutting Height

The John Deere Fastback PRO is suspended from and supported by the mower for a level cut. It includes wheels and rollers to help smooth out your cut in uneven terrain, reducing the chance of scalping the lawn.

You can adjust the wheels and rollers to high and low settings as well. The higher settings help when mowing at lower cut heights or in rougher conditions, while the low setting helps smooth out the cut at higher cut height settings. You can adjust the cut height between 1 and 5.5 inches.

Durable With Less Downtime

John Deere designed the Fastback PRO with durability, performance, and reliability in mind. The blade drive system features a universal joint shaft drive that takes power from the mower’s transmission. It includes a heavy-duty, right-angle cast iron gearbox, a V-belt drive system, and cast iron blade spindle housings.

John Deere mounted easy-access grease fittings to the top of these spindle shafts. Grease pressure-relief valves minimize seal damage from overfilling while keeping debris from entering the housing.

John Deere also gave the Fastback PRO mower decks quick-release belt covers that don’t require tools or ring clips. They reduce maintenance times and give you easy access to the single belt. You can access the center spindle from the removable foot platform. With less time and effort spent on downtime, you can spend more time actually mowing.

Find Your John Deere Dealer

You can find the John Deere Fastback PRO Rear-Discharge Mowing Decks at your local John Deere dealership. They are available for the gas and diesel line of Z900 ZTrak mowers and come in both 60-inch and 72-inch cutting widths.

For more information on the rear-discharge mower deck, as well as the Z900 line of zero-turn mowers, visit the John Deere website.

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