Jord Dover Ebony and Copper Review

Jord Dover Ebony and Copper Pillow

Jord Wooden Watches made an impression on us earlier this year when Clint took a look at their Fieldcrest model. It brought out attention to the beautifully crafted wood band and watch case along with carefully selected materials complement it. Now we have the opportunity to look at the limited edition Jord Dover Ebony & Copper model. As one of Jord’s high-end models, it features some compelling upgrades over the Fieldcrest. It was featured in our 2015 Christmas Gift Guide as a gift you can give that will leave the recipient speechless.

We know our woodworking audience shares an appreciation for fine details, so let’s dig down into what makes this watch so special.

Jord Dover Ebony and Copper Design

The Jord Dover Series comes in 4 color options with the Ebony and Copper being the darkest band/case option. Having more of a tan hue to my skin, I preferred the rich brown of Ebony over the lighter Koa and Zebrawoods. In addition to the darker characteristic of Ebony, this East African wood has a naturally glossy sheen. The depth of the brown color makes the fine, consistent grain tougher to see. However, it is a very hard wood, making it a great choice for this watch.

Jord Dover Ebony and Copper Band

Inside the Ebony housing, a beautifully polished ring of copper sits in contrast to the Arabic numerals. Copper has earned more time in the news thanks to its skyrocketing cost as a commodity and subsequent increase in theft. With so many watches featuring gold and other metallic inlays, copper is both unique in a time piece as well as an excellent complement to the Ebony.

Jord Dover Ebony and Copper Jeans

The inside of the copper ring is open as is the back of the Jord Dover Ebony and Copper. With the intricate mechanics of the watch movement visible, blue offers a contrast that is easy for the eye to pick up. Blue hands may not seem a natural choice to go against copper, but is ends up being a nice balance given other color options.

Ebony Wood Characteristics

  • Origin: East Africa (Mozambique)
  • Hardness: 2,430 LBF (Janka Scale)
  • Shrinkage: 14.3%
  • Dry Weight: 57 pounds per cubic foot
  • Average Tree Height: 75 feet

Jord Dover Ebony and Copper Movement

Precise movement separates watches from each other. I hated wearing analog watches for a long time. My budget didn’t allow me to purchase anything of quality at the time, so I would be stuck with hand movement that drove me nuts. It’s the OCD in me, but if I am going to purchase a watch, I want the hands to land precisely on each numeral.

Jord handles this issue with Sea-Gull TY2807 self-winding mechanics. 21,600 beats per hour bring hand movement to 6 beats per second. Each move of the second is close enough to the last that it’s difficult to see exactly how far it moved while at the same time calming my fear of imprecise hand movement.

Jord Dover Ebony and Copper Movement

As the name implies, the Sea-Gull TY2807 is a self-winding mechanism. A counterweight in the back of the watch moves with your arm and wrist, winding the watch automatically. It is capable of giving the Jord Ebony and Copper a 36-hour power reserve. If you’re like me and don’t wear your good watch as much during the week, you’ll find that you have to reset the time when you’re ready to put it on for those nicer occasions. On the other hand, woodworking hobbyists that have a professional dress requirement for their day job will be able to wear this as an everyday watch with no problem.

Jord Dover Ebony and Copper Writing

Resetting the time is simple – but you do need to read the instructions. The crown screws down to offer additional water/debris protection. You need to first unscrew it, then lift it up to set the time. Once satisfied, reverse the process. If the power reserve has run out, you may also give the watch a manual winding boost with a few clockwise twists once you have unscrewed the crown.

While the hand movement is precise, no watch that I have come across is without error in timekeeping precision. The Sea-Gull’s movement may be plus or minus 3 seconds per day. In my opinion, this is a minor compromise with no more than 90 seconds difference in a month. 21 jewel bearings keep the system running smoothly.

Sea-Gull TY2807 Specifications

  • Accuracy: +/- 3 seconds per day
  • Jewel Bearings: 21
  • Power Reserve: 36 hours
  • Frequency: 21,600 beats per day
  • Drive System: Automatic self-winding

Jord Dover Ebony and Copper Sapphire Glass

Aside from the housing, the watch glass or crystal protects the face of a watch. In the case of the Jord Dover Ebony and Copper, it also protects the open mechanics on the front and back of the watch. The Dover series employs sapphire glass. It offers incredible transparency and durability compared to other materials. The synthetic crystal is actually aluminum oxide (Al2O3) as opposed to traditional glass.

Jord Dover Ebony and Copper Close Up

Optically, Sapphire glass is colorless and clear. It rates second to diamond when it comes to hardness and scratch resistance of all the natural and synthetic materials available. High tensile strength and modulus of elasticity enhance its durability against impact and abrasion. These characteristics make it an excellent choice to protect your investment.

Sapphire Glass Characteristics

  • Hardness (Mohs Scale): 9
  • Tensile Strength: 60,000 PSI
  • Flexural Strength: 130,000 PSI
  • Average Density: 3.98 grams per cubic centimeter

Jord Dover Ebony and Copper Care and Final Thoughts

Jord Dover Ebony and Copper Contemplate Vertical

Jord has pre-treated the Dover with tung oils that will protect it from splashes despite the wood material. The crown screws down for additional protection on the case. Still, it should not be submerged for any length of time. Occasional, you should treat the wood parts with orange or lemon oil extract. Like most fine items, avoid storing the watch in overly hot, cold, humid, or dry conditions.

My watch arrived as stated on Jord’s website with the 202 mm band. It was way too large for my wrist, so I took it down to a local reputable jeweler. It only took about 5 minutes to resize the band. $12.84 later, I could have had Jord size the band for me. It would have only cost $10 and saved me an hour.

In a world where fine timepieces are the norm, it can be hard to set yourself apart without spending $1000’s. Going with the Jord Dover Ebony and Copper will give you a stylish, classy look that’s unique to your passion for extraordinary woodworking. Whether you’re working in an office or just out on the town, your Jord watch will catch the eye of many passerby. You’ll find yourself looking to see what’s on other people’s wrists. When you see a Jord Wooden Watch, it will only take a nod to acknowledge the mutual appreciation for an outstanding time piece.

Jord Dover Ebony and Copper Specifications

  • Band/Case Material: Ebony
  • Face Material: Copper
  • Transparent Covering: Sapphire Glass
  • Movement: Sea-Gull TY2807 automatic self-winding
  • Band Deployment: Buckle with push buttons
  • Time Setting: Screw down crown
  • Case Width: 41 mm
  • Case Thickness: 12 mm
  • Band Thickness: 24 mm
  • Band Length: 202 mm
  • Price: $295

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