KEEN Utility Dover 6-Inch Waterproof Work Boots Review

Keen Utility Dover Boots
PTR Review
  • Pro Rating 8.8

After a few weeks of wear, it's clear to me that Keen's claims of extreme comfort pan out and it's a significant enough improvement to highly recommend giving them a shot.

Overall Score 8.8 (out of 10)

Secure Fit and Outstanding Comfort on Hard Surfaces Make the KEEN Utility Dover a Winner

I’m in a neverending search for the perfect work boot. The biggest issue I run into is all-day comfort on concrete surfaces. If you’re in the same boat, the KEEN Utility Dover might be the boot we’ve both been waiting for.


  • More secure true-to-size fit than other KEEN Utility styles
  • Luftcell PU midsole offer better cushion and genuine comfort
  • Left/right specific carbon fiber toes
  • Waterproof leather with moisture-wicking membranes
  • American Built in Portland, Oregon


  • On the expensive side for direct attach work boots

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Most of my work boots do great on grass, dirt, and other outdoor landscapes. I even have a couple of pairs that double as hiking boots. But where they get into trouble is on hard surfaces like asphalt and concrete. 10-hour days at World of Concrete? No…please, no.

KEEN Utility Dover work boots go with Luftcell polyurethane midsoles that are air-infused. Pressing in on the midsole from the side, you can feel how much more cushion it gives you.

Keen Utility Dover Boots

That translates to a more comfortable feel and less fatigue on long days. Halfway through a day of standing and walking on concrete, I realized my feet weren’t already screaming at me. By the end of the workday, they still weren’t and my legs weren’t as sore.

It’s a refreshing feeling I don’t expect from other work boots.

KEEN uses carbon fiber safety toes to help reduce some of the weight. At 33.1 ounces for my size 13, these aren’t the lightest work boots I own and I definitely know they’re there. But they’re not the heaviest I wear, either.

Keen Utility Dover Boots

Speaking more on behalf of your wife’s comfort, Cleansport NXT is in these boots and every KEEN Utility boot. That’s the bio-tech Keen uses to naturally control odor and it really does work.

KEEN Utility Dover Work Boots Fit

You can tell there’s a difference in the boot’s fit the moment you pull a KEEN Utility Dover on your foot. The inside cuts in more than usual, forming to your foot more like what you expect from a running shoe. As a runner, I love it!

Keen Utility Dover Boots

There’s also the KonnectFit heel-capture system. The combination creates a more secure fit while still leaving room for the larger toe box that KEEN is known for.

I’m one of those unfortunate people that wear a size 12-1/2. That means it’s a crapshoot as to whether I should go up to a 13 or down to a 12 since most brands don’t make half sizes that high.

Keen Utility Dover Boots

These boots fit true to their sizing. They’re comfortably roomy for me. I had my size 14 brother-in-law try them on and they were definitely too tight. Order your normal size and you should be in great shape.

The laces may seem overly long at first. If that’s an issue, run the laces up through the top 2 holes then bring them back around the outer cleats on the same 2 points to pull more of the lace in.


The Dover is a hiker-style boot with a less pronounced toe cap than some of the other KEEN’s we’ve reviewed. The brown leather is offset with touches of yellow on the laces and around the boot to give it a pleasing look if you like hiking boots.

Keen Utility Dover Boots

It’s a 6″ mid-height boot and that’s your only option at the moment, though it does come in a black/grey color.


KEEN turns to their popular waterproof leather for the upper on the Dover and uses a direct attach system to connect it to the Luftcell dual-density midsole and rubber outer. It’s a more secure connection than cement (glue) but not quite as strong as welting.

Keen Utility Dover Boots

Inside the leather are KEEN.Dry moisture-wicking membranes to help push sweat and water away from your feet. The boot also uses KEEN’s standard PU removable footbed. In general, these are comfortable for my feet, so I don’t swap them out. It’s an easy switch if you need an orthopedic insert, though.

The safety toes are carbon fiber and left/right specific. If you haven’t tried KEEN Utility boots before, try a pair on and you’ll notice the difference around your toes.

Additional Features

  • Oil and slip-resistant, non-marring rubber outsole
  • TPU shank midfoot support
  • 90º Heel
  • ASTM F1677-96 MARK II Non-Slip
  • ASTM F2412-17 and F2913-17 F I/75 C/75 EH
  • SATRA Non-Slip ASTM F2913-17

KEEN Utility Dover Work Boots Pricing

MSRP on the KEEN Utility Dover is $194.95. For a boot that’s not welted, it’s a premium price, even for KEEN. If you struggle with foot pain and fatigue, paying a bit more might be worth it.

The Bottom Line

KEEN Utility Dover work boots have their greatest effect on feet that work on concrete and asphalt all day. The Luftcell PU midsole gives you more cushion than other styles so your feet and legs aren’t as fatigued by the end of the day.

After a few weeks of wear, it’s clear to me that KEEN’s claims of extreme comfort pan out and it’s a significant enough improvement to highly recommend giving them a shot.

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