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Klein Extra-Wide Adjustable Spud Wrenches

Klein’s Spud Wrenches Offer A Wider Reach Than Ever Before

Klein Tools has made it a goal to eliminate the need to carry around multiple fixed-size wrenches. As an update to its lineup, Klein has increased the jaw width on two of its adjustable spud wrench models. We’re taking a look at the wrenches’ features and finding out how this update could benefit your productivity on the job.

Klein Extra-Wide Adjustable Spud Wrenches: The Big Deal

Klein has increased the jaw width of its 10-inch and the 16-inch adjustable spud wrenches by 1/8-inch, giving the jaw of the 10-inch wrench 1 7/16 inches, and the 16-inch 1 5/8 inches. For reference, before the updated models were released, the 10-inch had a jaw width of 1 5/16 inches.

We know, that’s a lot of numbers to take in at once, but this small added amount has the potential to come in handy when you’re working with larger nuts and bolts.

On top of the updated size, these Klein adjustable spud wrenches have a variety of useful features. They contain lanyard holes which ensure security, especially when working at heights. The lanyard hookups are compatible with Klein Tools TT1 and TT2 tethers. Additionally, the wrenches’ continuous-taper handles aid in the alignment of bolt holes and rivet holes.

Additional Features

  • Corrosion-resistant industrial finish
  • Smooth-turn knurl
  • Heat-treated
  • Made in the USA

Price and Availability

The 10-inch spud wrench is listed at $49.99, and the 16-inch one is listed at $79.99. Both models are available at several local and online retailers. Furthermore, both tools include a lifetime warranty.


  • Model: Klein Tools 3227 (10-inch)/ 3239 (16-inch)
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs (10-inch)/2.36 lbs (16-inch)
  • Maximum Opening: 1.3125-inch/1.5-inch
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Wrench style: Adjustable


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