Klein Foam Wire Pulling Lubricant Review

Klein Foam Wire Pulling Lubricant

Klein Foam Wire Pulling Lubricant Replaces Up to a Gallon of Traditional Lube

Klein Foam Wire Pulling Lubricant hit stores a few months ago with an innovation that certainly looks to be compelling. I had the opportunity to see it in action before it was officially released and was impressed. Now though, I’ve got my own can and a demo kit to take a closer look at it. Let’s a take look at what it is supposed to do and how it is supposed to work. Then we can step outside and see if it lives up to the claims.

Klein Foam Wire Pulling Lubricant Features

First of all, Klein Foam Wire Pulling Lubricant is aimed at electricians. It is used to lubricate wire as it is fed into a conduit where it may have several bends and turns to get through. Typically, friction between the wire and conduit will finally cause it to bind up rather than continue to push forward. Wire lubricant greatly reduces that friction so that it can be fed through a much greater distance.

Klein Foam Wire Pulling Lubricant

Traditional wire lubricants are made of a waxy or gelatinous compound. It tends to be goopy, messy, and often stains whatever it touches. Clothes get stained. The fresh coat of paint on the wall gets stained. Floors get stained. Gel wire lubricant is also difficult to use when going up vertical conduit. In that situation, it’s often easiest just to hold some of it in your hand and allow the wire to be coated before it enters the conduit. This of course, leaves your hands to be a mess when you’re finished. You either have to go wash you hands before clipping the wire and managing any other tasks at that point or you wipe it on your increasingly stained clothes.

Klein Foam Wire Pulling Lubricant

Klein Foam Wire Pulling Lubricant deals with all of those issues. The foam can be sprayed from the can using the flexible hose into conduit that is oriented in any direction. Because it is an expanding foam, it doesn’t fall out if you squirt it straight up into the conduit. The formula also is not staining and cleans up easily. A demonstration I’ve seen many times now is to wipe the excess on a shirt without staining the material. I’ll be putting my favorite Pro Tool Reviews polo on the line for this one. All right, let’s head outside and see what this stuff can really do.


Klein Foam Wire Pulling Lubricant replaces up to a gallon of traditional lube and is currently priced at $14.97 at The Home Depot.

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