Klein Knee Pad Sleeves: Slide-On Knee Protection

Klein Knee Pad Sleeves

Klein Gives You The Knee Protection You Need With The Comfort You Deserve

Despite offering much-needed protection when working on the ground, messing with knee pad straps can be a real annoyance. They tend to become loose and slip off of your knee, which can make you just want to avoid them altogether. Klein hopes to change this with its knee pad sleeves. Find out how they can keep your knees protected in any situation.

Klein Knee Pad Sleeves: The Big Deal

The Klein Knee Pad Sleeves let you avoid the typical behind-the-knee strap design present in many knee pads on the market. Instead, they use a flexible, breathable sleeve design to help the pad stay in place. Better yet, you can wear them over or under your pants, making them versatile in any working situation that puts pressure on your knees.

There are two different pad designs offering different levels of protection. The lightweight knee pads use EVA material to give you a base layer of padded protection.

The heavy-duty knee pads, on the other hand, incorporate three layers of padding (an anti-abrasion layer, impact-absorbing polyurethane padding, and neoprene comfort foam) to give you protection against harder or uneven surfaces like gravel or concrete.

Both models contour to your leg to offer all-day comfort. They also use a silicone upper cuff to make them slip-resistant.

Additional Features

  • Both styles are available in two sizes: M/L and L/XL
  • Lightweight, breathable mesh back

Klein Knee Pad Sleeves Price

The lightweight knee pads retail for $19.97, and the heavy-duty ones sell for $39.99. Each model is sold as a pair. Additionally, Klein backs your purchase with a lifetime warranty.


  • Models: Klein 60611; 60511; 60492; 60592
  • Knee pad material: Foam
  • Finish: Black

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