Klein Tools Splinter Guard Fish & Glow Rods

klein splinter guard rods

Klein introduced new “Splinter Guard” fish and glow rods. If you’ve used fiberglass rods for long, you’ll know that they tend to get torn up after constantly rubbing against conduit boxes, drop ceiling frames and threaded rod. The new rods use a protective coating so your hands don’t get full of fiberglass splinters when the rods incur wear over time.

Klein Tools Splinter Guard Fish & Glow Rods

The additional coating on Klein’s Splinter Guard rods make them extra durable, but they’re still lightweight. The biggest advantage, of course, is that you can use them without gloves and not risk painful fiberglass splinters. They are available in a variety of lengths and flexibilities (see below). As you’d expect, you can thread the sections together to get to the length needed for your application. Klein also claims they improved on the luminance of the new glow rods so that they glow twice as long and twice as bright.

Dexterity is a big deal when you’re using fiberglass fish tape as you need to feel your way through tighter spots—something that’s really hard to do with gloved hands. The new coated fish rods from Klein look  to be a great addition to the product line and really meet an important need.

Available lengths and flex options

  • 56312 – 12′ Lo-Flex Fish Rod Set
  • 56324 – 24′ Lo-Flex Fish Rod Set
  • 56325 – 25′ Fish and Glow Rod Set
  • 56304 – 4′ Lo-Flex Fish Rod
  • 56306 – 6′ Lo-Flex Fish Rod
  • 56409 – 9′ Mid-Flex Glow Rod Set
  • 56415 – 15′ Mid-Flex Glow Rod Set
  • 56418 – 18′ Hi-Flex Glow Rod Set
  • 56405 – 5′ Mid-Flex Glow Rod
  • 56406 – 6′ Hi-Flex Glow Rod
klein splinter guard rods

Extra durable and lightweight, Splinter Guard Rods are available in 5/32”, 3/16” and ¼” flexibilities and a variety of lengths. Sets include bullet nose and hook attachments to attach and grab wires. For more information, visit www.kleintools.com or contact your local distributor.

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