Klein Hard Hats and Safety Helmets – Vented and Non-Vented

Klein Vented and Non-Vented Hard Hats with Headlamp

Klein vented and non-vented hard hats and safety helmets address electricians and everyone else who needs head protection. For some job sites, this part of your safety workwear simply isn’t optional. We immediately liked the selection and options for these new hard hats. Class E non-vented hard hats are built for electricians and linemen. These hats are tested up to 20kV and meet ANSI Z89.1-2014, CSA Z94.1-15; EN397:2012+A1:2012-Lateral Deformation (LD) standards. Use them anywhere electrical protection is required.

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Klein Vented Hard Hats Provide Adjustable Vents

The Klein Class C vented hard hats feature adjustable vents that can be opened or closed. You get some air circulation while still meeting the same safety standards. They just don’t carry a recommendation for electrical use since you’d have an added ingress point.

Klein Vented Hard Hat orange

Universal Features for All Klein Hard Hats

All of the new hardhats include a breathable, padded sweat-wicking band and top pad. These are made with anti-microbial and odor-control materials.

internal padding and adjustment knob

As we’d expect, you can adjust the hat with one hand using the rear control knob. The knob even pivots to stay clear of bandanas or ponytails. Check out our Klein Tools Hard Hat with Headlamp 60113 review.

Klein Hard Hats and safety helmets rear adjustment knob

In all, there are ten new Klein hard hats that can be broken down as follows:

Klein Non-Vented Hard Hats (Class E)

  • 60100 White Cap Style – $29.99
  • 60107 White Cap Style with LED Light – $39.97
  • 60900 Orange Cap Style with LED Light – $44.99
  • 60400 White Full Brim Style – $33.99
  • 60406 White Full Brim Style with LED Light – $59.99

Klein Vented Hard Hats

  • 60105 White Cap Style – $34.99
  • 60113 White Cap Style with LED Light – $49.99
  • 60901 Orange Cap Style with LED Light – $46.19
  • 60401 White Full Brim Style – $35.00
  • 60407 White Full Brim Style with LED Light – $59.99

Klein Hard Hat Shared Features

All of the Klein hard hats have the following features:

  • Meets ANSI Z89.1-2014, CSA Z94.1-15; EN397:2012+A1:2012-Lateral Deformation (LD) standards
  • Breathable, padded sweat-wicking band and top pad
  • One-handed adjustment with large knob ratchet mechanism
  • Flexible, open-frame suspension
  • Rear neck pad
  • Tested for reverse donning
  • Universal accessory slots on both sides
  • Patent-pending accessory mounts on front and back
  • Compatible with Hardhat Headlamp (KHH56220) or Rechargeable Auto-Off Headlamp (56034)
  • Cap Style and Full Brim styles available
  • Includes user guide and reflective stickers

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Klein Safety Helmets

In addition to the vented and non-vented hard hats, Klein has a line of safety helmets. These compact, lightweight safety helmets incorporate a design that makes them an ideal choice for working at height or in confined spaces. These helmets feature a low-profile bill that provides an unobstructed view.

Klein safety helmets

The Klein Safety Helmets come in Class C Type-1 vented models and Class E Type-1 non-vented models. You can opt for either model to feature a headlamp as well.

Beyond that, the Klein Safety Helmets carry a lot of the same features as the vented and non-vented hard hats. They carry the same safety certifications, as well as utility and comfort features.

However, there are a few distinctions between these models. One is the aforementioned compact and low-profile design. The other is the included 6-point suspension and chin strap. The chin strap connects at 4 points and can detach if you so choose.

Klein Safety Helmets

  • 60145 White Safety Helmet – $49.99
  • 60146 White Safety Helmet with Headlamp – $69.99
  • 60147 Blue Safety Helmet – $49.99
  • 60148 Blue Safety Helmet with Headlamp – $69.99
  • 60149 White Safety Helmet – $54.99
  • 60150 White Safety Helmet with Headlamp – $74.99

Klein KARBN Safety Helmets

Klein KARBN safety helmets include both vented and non-vented options. You can also choose whether or not you would like to include a rechargeable headlamp.

The durable KARBN pattern polymer on these helmets is a hydro-dipped film on PC/ABS composite. Despite this added durability, Klein tells us that they are also lightweight and compact enough to use at height or in confined spaces.

KARBN Safety Helmets

  • 60515 KARBN Non-Vented Safety Helmet with Rechargeable Headlamp – $94.99
  • 60516 KARBN Vented Safety Helmet – $74.99
  • 60517 KARBN Vented Safety Helmet with Rechargeable Headlamp – $99.99

Final Thoughts

We’ve seen lots of hard hats come to market, including models from manufacturers who never made them before. While vented hard hats aren’t new—this is the first time Klein has offered them. We also like how Klein has provided accessory mounts on the sides, rear, and front. While a hardhat LED headlamp option (KHH56220) exists across the entire line, you can also affix the Klein Rechargeable Auto-Off Headlamp (Cat. No. 56034). With the models available, you can get just about anything you need. Everything except an orange full-brim model, that is!

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