Knipex CutiX Universal Snap Knife

Knipex CutiX Snap Knife Cuts with Precision, Without Bending or Breaking

Snap-off blades are great for their utility. When your sharp edge dulls out, you simply snap off the tip to reveal a new, sharp edge. However, because of the design of the blade, you have to be careful with the pressure you apply while cutting. These knives tend towards bending and inadvertently snapping the blade. But, Knipex has come up with a solution for this problem with the CutiX Snap Knife.

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What Is Knipex Saying About the CutiX Snap Knife?

The CutiX is designed to be a quick, precise and user-friendly universal snap knife. The stabilization bar keeps the blade from bending, which allows users to make quick and precise cuts in seconds.

Peter A. Grable, senior product manager, KNIPEX Tools

What’s the Big Deal?

The Knipex CutiX Snap Knife features an extendable stabilization bar that you can engage or retract based on your application. This allows you to apply more pressure directly on the blade without any fear of breakage. Plus, because the support bar exists on a different slide than the blade, you can set it independently. For added security, the CutiX also features a hardened steel pin to help hold the blade in place.

Knipex has constructed the CutiX Snap Knife with a lightweight magnesium housing with a non-slip surface. You can use any 18mm snap-off blades with the CutiX, and you can store two replacement blades in the handle. Replacing the blade is easy, requiring only the push of a button. The CutiX also features a tether attachment point at the handle as well, so you can work at height without fear of dropping the knife

Other Features

  • Ergonomic shape gives you several gripping surfaces
  • Suitable for cuts with various depths and different materials


You can pick up the CutiX Snap Knife for $29.99. Knipex provides two replacement blades that have seven cutting points each.

Knipex CutiX Universal Snap Knife Specs

  • Model Number: Knipex 90 10 165 BKA
  • Handle Type: Plastic
  • Material: Magnesium
  • Lockable Blade: Yes
  • Blade Type: Snap-Off
  • Onboard Blade Storage: Yes; storage for 2 blades
  • Length: 165mm
  • Weight: 111 grams
  • Price: $29.99

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