KUIU Gila Sun Hoodie Review – Pro Crossover Workwear

I am an unabashed fan of crossover gear—tools, clothing, and other products that I can use for both work and play. The KUIU Gila Sun Hoodie is exactly that kind of product. Proven in the world of western United States hunting, I wanted to see what kind of potential this shirt has for Pro tradesmen and landscapers.

Reasons to Buy

  • Lightweight
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Anti-odor treatment
  • Loose fit promotes airflow
  • UVP 50+ sun protection
  • Thumbholes prevent cuff slip
  • Flatlock seams prevent pressure points when wearing a backpack
  • Promotes a wide range of motion

Consider Another Shirt If You…

  • Need extreme durability
  • Want a hood that fits over your hard hat/safety helmet
  • Enjoy being uncomfortable

KUIU Gila Sun Hoodie Basics

Cool-Touch Fabric

This long sleeve hoodie is designed to keep you cool in hot weather. It’s made from KUIU’s Cool-Touch Fabric, which is 92% polyester and 8% spandex in a 135g/m² weight. These materials offer UVP 50+ protection for your skin along with quick-drying characteristics.

Polyester has a reputation for trapping odor, and I have plenty of work shirts that prove it. However, KUIU gives this one an anti-odor treatment, so it’s much friendlier to your nose (and everyone’s around you), even on the hottest days.

Wearing the KUIU Gila Sun Hoodie

KUIU Gila Sun Hoodie Review

After checking the size guide, I ordered a large, and it was perfect. The overall fit is loose, allowing for excellent airflow. At 6 feet, 2 inches tall, large is often great across my chest, but short in the sleeves and sometimes the length. Both measurements are longer with the Gila’s design, fitting athletic builds well.

The seams are an important talking point. They’re a flatlock design combined with raglan style and darted shoulders. The upper seams coming across your collar bone instead of over your shoulder. Whether you’re wearing your electrician’s tool backpack or a day pack, you don’t have seams creating pressure points the way some shirts do.


The cuffs feature thumbholes, which can be useful depending on what applications you’re wearing the KUIU Gila Sun Hoodie in. Using them, the hand coverage comes up to your knuckles, providing additional sun protection and keeping them from sliding up your arm.

You can wear a pair of work gloves while using the thumbholes, which is beneficial when you don’t want the cuff retreating while you work. If you’re working bare-handed, the material is somewhat slick, so be judicious in whether you use them based on what tool is in your hand.

KUIU Gila Sun Hoodie Cap-Friendly Hood

The hood has a loose fit, again, promoting airflow. It’s cap-friendly, but not wide enough to go over your hard hat or safety helmet. It can certainly go underneath, though, and helps aid cooling with its moisture-wicking material.

The whole garment seems well-stitched, leaving the primary damage risk to the strength of the material. As with any lightweight hot weather shirt in the same material class (like Truewerk’s B1 Performance Tee or Milwaukee’s WorkSkin Hooded Sun Shirt), it doesn’t take a ton of abuse to cut or rip. If you’re working in an environment where you’re likely to get tugs, pulls, and cuts against material, consider the Gila as a cooling base layer rather than primary outer layer.

KUIU Gila Sun Hoodie Price

The best place to get the Gila Hoodie is directly from KUIU where it runs $79. Sizes are available in small through 3XL, and there are 12 color options. For work, I recommend the camo or dark colors to help hide the inevitable stains that come with those applications. Whether you don’t mind the stains or you’re primarily looking for an outdoor adventure shirt, the lighter colors are a great option.

If the shirt sounds great, but you’re not a fan of hoodies, there’s also a Gila long sleeve crew without it for $69 or a short sleeve crew for $59. There are women’s specific cuts in the hoodie and long sleeve crew styles as well.

The Bottom Line

I rotate through several brands of lightweight hoodies during the summer, and the KUIU Gila Sun Hoodie is one of my favorites. It’s lightweight and cool, and I like having the option of using the thumbholes. The trade-off is that its thinner material isn’t as durable as others that use a heavier blend, but the comfort gains are worth it in my book. Grab one (or several) to get you through the hot summer months. It’s a great fit as a base layer for many tradesmen, primary outerwear for landscapers, and for your hiking, fishing, hunting, and other outdoor adventures.

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