Leatherman Tool Maintenance Kit: Clean and Sharpen

Leatherman Tool Maintenance Kit

Leatherman’s Maintenance Kit Will Leave Your Multi-Tool Shining Like New

All tools require maintenance and cleaning to work their best, especially when they’re designed to last a long time. Multi-tools can be tricky, though. They have more moving parts and crevices than other hand tools. We wanted to know if the Leatherman Tool Maintenance Kit has what it takes to master long-term multi-tool ownership.

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Leatherman Tool Maintenance Kit Accessories

Full Kit

Leatherman is looking to provide an all-encompassing way to take care of your multi-tool to help it stand the test of time, even with heavy use. This maintenance kit provides you with everything you need to clean, oil, and store your Leatherman multi-tool after you use it.

It comes with the following accessories to aid with the maintenance of your tool:

  • (1) microfiber cleaning cloth
  • (1) silicone cleaning mat
  • (1) double-sided metal cleaning pick
  • (4) cleaning swabs
  • (1) cleaning brush
  • (1) vial of Leatherman multi-purpose tool lubricant
  • (1) blade sharpener

All of these accessories come inside a Leatherman branded soft carrying case. It has pockets for each accessory, as well as room to spare if you want to store your multi-tool.

Leatherman Blade Sharpener

Leatherman Knife Sharpener

One highlight of this tool maintenance kit is the Leatherman blade sharpener, which you can also buy on its own. To create this sharpener, Leatherman collaborated with Work Sharp, a private, family-owned Oregon-based manufacturing company. They have a rich history and their Ken Onion edition sharpener is one we still use on our knives.

It features a carbide sharpener, a ceramic hone, and a diamond-coated sharpening rod for serrated edges, as well as a lanyard loop.

The carbide sharpener also includes a switch at the top that adjusts the amount of material you’re removing from the blade. For light sharpening applications, slide the red switch on the top of the sharpener to the right. For heavier jobs, like a chipped blade, slide the switch to the left to increase the aggressiveness.

Additionally, the carbide sharpener sharpens your blade to a 25° angle, while the ceramic hone micro bevels at 30°.

Additional Features

  • Top carrying handle
  • Double zipper

How To Use the Leatherman Tool Maintenance Kit

Leatherman Tool Maintenance Kit

Maintaining your multi-tool may be a new concept for you, so let’s walk through the process. The first thing to do is spray a solvent (WD-40 works great for this) over the areas you’re working on.

We like to start with the pick for cleaning. As you pivot the tools in and out, look for any debris hanging on around the joints and use the pick to pull it out. You can also use it to scrape at any rust spots that may be starting.

From there, use the brush to clean off any dirt or grime that may still be present on each tool and at its joint.

Leatherman Tool Maintenance Kit

Next, move to the sharpeners. If your knife is noticeably dull, use the coarse grit first and then switch to the fine grit. Start from the base of the blade’s edge and pull through to the point using light pressure. Start with 10 times on each grit followed by 5 pulls across the hone. Check the sharpness by slicing through a sheet of paper. If it slices cleanly, you’re good to go. However, If the blade sticks or doesn’t cut, repeat the process.

If your blade isn’t in bad shape, give it 5 pulls across the fine grit and 5 across the hone.

Finally, put a few drops of oil on the joints and lock points. Work them back and forth to help the lubricant set in and wipe the excess away with the microfiber cloth.

Leatherman Tool Maintenance Kit Price

You can find this maintenance kit for $69.95 from Leatherman. It includes all the accessories listed above, along with the carrying case.

The Bottom Line

The multitude of accessories and spacious storage bag make this kit an excellent addition to any Leatherman owner’s arsenal. Whether you’re an avid Leatherman user or you only break it out once in a while, this maintenance kit helps you keep your multi-tool in great shape.


  • Weight: 15.8 oz
  • Width: 8.5 in
  • Height: 2.2 in
  • Depth: 5 in
  • Price: $69.95

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