Madison Electric Company Acquired by Southwire

Southwire Adds Madison Electric To The Family

Madison Electric, a company focused on “new attitudes, new processes, and new procedures,” revealed that they’ve joined forces with Southwire Electric. This jibes well for all of us since Southwire’s mission revolves around improving “professional trades by transforming construction methods through innovative products and solutions.” With Madison Electric acquired by Southwire, we can look forward to even more tools to help us in the field.

10-Second Summary

  • Southwire acquires Madison Electric
  • Smart Boxes: Versatile line of electrical boxes for Pro and DIY
  • Smart Shield: Innovative steel nail guard that protects wire and cable in wood framing
  • Wire Smart: Line of wire handling solutions
  • Smart LB: Conduit bodies with a built-in radius to help when pulling cable around corners
  • MEIBB: Inline Intersystem Bonding Bridge

The Madison Electric Product Line

Smart Boxes

Madison’s Smart Boxes offer some versatility when installing new work boxes in locations where you cannot swing a hammer. They also work well where final wall surfaces remain uncertain—like kitchens and baths.

  • Shark Tooth box
    Designed specifically for pendant lighting and wall sconces, this box cuts its own hole.
  • Fan and Fixture box
    Joist-mounted and extra deep, the Fan and Fixture box works well with light fixtures and ceiling fans.
  • Multi-Mount box
    The large capacity and low-voltage divider makes this box ideal for flat-screen TVs and home theatres
  • Original box
    The Original depth-adjustable boxes are your go-to solution for kitchens, baths, and specialty wall surfaces.
  • Horizontal box
    The Horizontal box mounts sideways for subway tile and baseboards.
  • Low-Voltage box
    This box features a unique leveling tab for easy alignment to existing boxes.

Smart Shield

Next, we saw the Madison Electric Smart Shield. The shield houses wire and cable inside wood framing. The cylindrical shape protects from both sides of the stud. It eliminates the need for using multiple standard nail plates.

Madison Electric aqcuired by Southwire

Smart Shield is fast and easy to install, and it eliminates drywall budge caused by using surface mounted nail plates.

Wire Smart Wire Handling Solutions

Madison Electric Smart Wire handling solutions come in a variety of configurations. Each provides a different way of keeping all of your wire organized and neat. These models consist of:

  • Wire Caddy
  • Cable Dispenser
  • 2-Reel Dolly
  • Cable Cart
  • Multi-Purpose Cart
  • 6-Reel Dispenser

Smart LB for Optical Fiber

Unlike traditional LBs that have a sharp 90° corner, the Smart LB conduit body has a smooth radius. It prevents cables from getting caught up when pulled around corners.

gentle bend part of Madison Electric acquired by Southwire

Notably, this gentle bend radius meets ANSI/TIA/EIA 568 and NECA/FOA requirements for pulling optical fiber. The Smart LB is also the only conduit body that the BICSI TDMM 13th recommends for telecommunication cable. It includes a gasketed cover for wet locations.

MEIBB Bonding Bridge

The Inline Intersystem Bonding Bridge provides a dependable method for grounding and bonding for electrical systems. The MEIBB’s design also keeps the main ground conductor isolated from communications lines. Finally, it eliminates holes in the building that could potentially allow water ingress. When used with conduit, the MEIBB protects against damage and theft of the main ground.

Typical applications include communications, solar, cable, and transmission lines.

For more information about what Madison Electric is bringing to Southwire’s party, check out the website by clicking here.

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