Makita 40V XGT Rotary Hammer GRH08

makita 40v xgt rotary hammer

Makita’s XGT line is quickly expanding. Indeed, it constitutes a substantial portion of this year’s product releases. And, trust me, the company has been quite bullish on putting new gear on store shelves. So, true to form, Makita has unveiled another tool – the 40V XGT Rotary Hammer (GRH08).

Particularly as a kit, this model has a lot going on with it. But, as always, the question is whether it’s the right unit for your arsenal. To help you decide, here’s a look at the performance and design features.

Makita XGT Rotary Hammer Performance

Powering the GRH08 is an XGT 4.0Ah battery and a high-efficiency brushless motor. According to Makita, this unit can deliver up to 135 3/8-inch holes per full charge. In addition to completing plenty of work on a single pack, this performance aspect correlates with a decent runtime. (Nonetheless, Makita hasn’t given us a clear sense of what that is.)

makita xgt rotary hammer kit

Moreover, one thing that I like in particular is that Makita equipped the XGT Rotary Hammer with a variable speed dial and trigger. This may not sound like a big deal, but I’m still seeing a fair amount of gear without these features. That’s especially true with various leaf blowers. But, anyhow, together the speed dial and variable speed trigger enable the user to match the power to the application. That’s a big plus for control.


  • Model: Makita GRH08
  • Battery: 40V (4.0Ah)
  • Brushless motor
  • Impact energy: 2.9 ft. lbs.
  • BPM: 0 – 4,500
  • Weight: 10.1 lbs (w/ battery)

And speaking of control, Makita gave the XGT rotary hammer three modes to choose from: “Rotation Only,” “Hammering with Rotation,” or “Hammering Only” for multiple applications. The range of potential fields in which one could use this tool is impressive – everything from mechanical, concrete, electrical, and plumbing contractors to road and bridge crews, utility workers, and pest control.

Makita XGT Rotary Hammer Design

makita GRH08

We also have several things to discuss concerning design features.

For one, we come back to the trigger. In this case, you’ve got a two-finger design for added comfort.

On top of that, Makita included Anti-Vibration Technology on the XGT rotary hammer. Specifically, this technology consists of an internal counterbalance. Using air pressure, it moves the counterweight pistons in the opposite direction of the drive piston. That’s where you get your vibration reduction.

They also took into account harsh work conditions with its Extreme Protection Technology. According to Makita, this proprietary feature offers enhanced dust and water resistance.

Makita GRH08 Price

The Makita GRH08 rotary hammer retails as a kit for $1,019 and comes with a battery, charger, and dust extractor.

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