Makita 6.0 Amp-Hour Ah Battery

Makita 6.0 amp hour battery

Makita 6.0 Amp Hour Battery Surges LXT Capacity to 108 Watt Hours

When it comes to cordless tools, the battery you’re using matters. It’s not just the voltage, however. The available amp-hours help you calculate the total battery capacity. This represents the “fuel” that runs your favorite Makita (or other) tool. From simple drills and impact drivers to heavy duty angle grinders and miter saws, cordless tools demand more power to keep the job moving along. The Makita 6.0 amp-hour (Ah) battery should deliver that for users of the popular tool brand.

Makita 6Ah Battery Watt-Hours

When you look to see how much fuel is available in a battery, we have to start looking more closely at the total watt-hours. The simple calculation takes nominal voltage times the amp-hours. The Makita 6.0 amp hour battery (and others) conveniently print this on the bottom of each pack. Think of it as the fuel tank. Whether racing a Corvette or taking your Smart Car to the grocery store, the more fuel you have the longer you can go.

We keep encouraging users to look at watt-hours when considering how much work can be done on a charge. It boils down to the increasing number of platforms on the market. You’ve got 12V, 18V, and 20V Max (which are the same nominal 18 volts), 36V, 40V Max, and 80V Max (thanks to outdoor power equipment). Now, you even have 60V Max and 120V Max. It can be mind-numbing to sort through it all. How much work a battery can do really does boil down to that total watt-hour figure.

Makita 6Ah Battery = 108 Wh

A Makita 6.0 amp hour battery will carry 108 watt-hours of energy (18V times 6 Ah). Of course, that doubles to 216 watt-hours in the 18V X2 LXT tools since they use two batteries. Compare that to the original 3.0 amp hour battery (54 Wh) or the 4.0 amp-hour (72 Wh) pack. The popular 5.0 amp hour battery provides 90 Wh. You can see the amount of potential “tool fuel” keeps going up. Makita changes the capacity by adding amp-hours—not by changing the motor. The Makita 6.0 amp-hour battery still works in all your 18V LXT and 18V X2 lithium-ion tools.

Read more about the relationship between volts and amp hours.

Charging time on Makita’s quick charger takes around 55 minutes—an excellent charging rate that Makita is well known for. It also has Makita’s onboard LED charge indicators. The Makita BL1860B runs about $139 with a 2-pack costing $239.

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