May 6, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Manufacturer: Kobalt Tools

Our Kobalt Tool reviews focus on the newer 24V Max tools which perform much better than the older models. Ever since the new line of Kobalt power tools hit Lowe’s, the brand has gained significant capabilities. Starting with the Kobalt 24V brushless circular saw, all the new Kobalt brushless tools have shown impressive performance. Driving the Kobalt tools are the new Kobalt 24V Max batteries. Lowe’s has these batteries priced ridiculously low—making them a great value. These batteries allow tools like the Kobalt 24V brushless reciprocating saw to keep up with the big dogs. Kobalt Tool Reviews Reveal an Extra Battery Cell Our Kobalt tool reviews also showed that the new 24V batteries feature an extra cell over 18V/20V tools. Instead of using a series of five 19650 cells, Kobalt tools use six. That 24V battery pack is no joke—it actually packs a punch. The only other company to do this is Hilti with their 22V packs.

Kobalt 154-Piece Socket Set Review

Kobalt 154 Piece Socket Set Review

Tools. Everybody needs a good set, and Kobalt Tools is aiming squarely at the consumer market with their new line of sockets. This 154-Piece Socket Set includes all of the basic and extended sockets you could want for basic automotive and household uses. One of the things that is a constant annoyance is not having deep sockets for use with carriage bolts or other situations that require a deeper socket to clear the end of a bolt. With the Kobalt Socket Kit you have a solid 2 inches of depth past the ratchet.